IBSC Logo for Members

Usage Guidelines

The IBSC welcomes member schools, corporate members, and sponsors to highlight your IBSC membership on your website with a member logo. For visibility, impact, and overall integrity, it is important to maintain a consistent use of the logo. The logo is fundamental to our communications, so please uphold these standards of high quality.

  1. Always reproduce the logo from original artwork.
  2. Always hyperlink the logo to the IBSC website at www.theibsc.org.
  3. Use the logo in horizontal format only.
  4. Never alter any aspect of it.
  5. Do not attempt to draw or recreate the IBSC lettering with a substitute font.

Please download the pdf version of usage guidelines for complete details.

Request the Logo

Below is the IBSC Member Logo, watermarked with the IBSC copyright. To request the IBSC Member Logo to use on your website, please email us at ibsc@theibsc.org.


The IBSC logo is a typography-based logo featuring the IBSC acronym and membership category. The design incorporates lines of longitude and lines of latitude to represent the IBSC’s global presence and the ability of the organization to connect members and advocate the sharing of ideas around the globe. A stylized compass unique to the IBSC represents the organization’s dedication to equipping boys with the tools to thoughtfully navigate the world and guide them on their journey into manhood. The compass was redesigned to emphasize the IBSC’s commitment to determining the most innovative and effective teaching practices to prepare boys with the tools to lead lives of achievement, personal fulfilment, compassion, and leadership. Further, the compass guides the IBSC to share this knowledge among teaching professionals worldwide. The logo was updated in 2016.

The IBSC connects dedicated educators worldwide to discover the best learning practices for boys.


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