Anita Trolese, St. John's Preparatory School, Wins 2017 IBSC Action Research Award

Anita Trolese, St. John's Preparatory School, Wins 2017 IBSC Action Research Award

The winner of the 2017 IBSC Action Research Award is Anita Trolese from St. John's Preparatory School (South Africa). Anita receives this award for the completion of an action research project to the highest standard, and for her enthusiastic and valuable contribution to the IBSC Action Research community.

Focusing on Collaboration and the Power of Team Learning, Anita developed a project for her Year 7 boys to answer the question "Why Shakespeare in 2016?" The boys downloaded the Macbeth Graphic Novel Quick Text (McDonald, 2015) to their devices (St. John's Preparatory School is a BYOD school) and this text formed the launch pad for their study.

Through the careful structuring of a number of group learning tasks, this action research project sought to evaluate how the explicit teaching of key collaboration skills might impact the efficacy of this group learning project and also how it might develop and enhance a deeper understanding of key elements in Shakespeare's work – not least of which was his relevance in the 21st century.


When evaluating the final project submitted by each group, as well as analyzing the results of the boys' self and peer reflections, it became clear that the focus on teaching collaboration skills contributed significantly to the success of the boys' learning and their deep understanding of the task. They felt this success on a personal level, and evidence it by meeting all the criteria for a powerful group learning project.

Check out Anita's action research poster and full report.

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