Project Benefits

At the conclusion of the project in June 2018, IBSC member schools will gain exclusive access to a comprehensive report, presenting findings that emerge from the key questions for the project and detailing a framework for character education in boys’ schools. This framework will not be an “off-the shelf” program, but rather a set of guidelines and processes for schools to engage in review of their character education practices, evaluate their performance against a set of standards, plan for improvement, and demonstrate accountability to outcomes. The final report will be 200-250 pages, followed by a series of appendices. It will include an Executive Summary. There may be additional formats to report the material. There will be opportunities for presentations and workshops on the progress of the research. Lead researchers will make project presentations at the IBSC Annual Conference in both 2017 and 2018.

Project schools enjoy a “front row seat” in the research process and gain opportunities to collaborate with like-minded schools around the world. As the research phases proceed, project schools receive regular updates and preliminary reports. In the first year of the research, schools receive an individualized report from school data analysis. They will be acknowledged in the final report, and recognized for their contribution to this critical global research. Above all, project schools will find that their participation serves as a catalyst for school improvement in the realm of character education.

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