Details for Project Schools

School Selection

The deadline to apply apply as a project school was 16 September 2016. The IBSC, in collaboration with CIRCLE, selected 47 boys’ schools from nine countries to participate in this research project. The global cohort of project schools reflects a range of schools located in different regions and countries, as well as a range of socioeconomic student/family profiles and diversity of school types — i.e., day and boarding; independent and state; denomination-affiliated and secular; elementary, middle, and senior divisions; and small to large enrollment.

Responsibilities of a Project School

Each project school will:

  • Appoint a project coordinator for communication and planning with the researchers.
  • Facilitate and enable the in-school research activities associated with the project phases and schedule.
  • Select some teachers and school leaders to participate in online or in-school focus groups or interviews as may be required.
  • Enable a small team of teachers to attend a regional research workshop in the second year of the project.
  • Coordinate with the researchers an in-school process to provide feedback on findings and recommendations associated with a draft framework for character education (in the second year of the project).

Cost to Project School

Project schools will pay a participation fee of US $2,000, paid in two equal installments on or before 1 October 2016 and 1 October 2017. To ensure a broad cross-section of schools participating in the research project, the IBSC offered financial assistance to project schools that qualified.

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