The IBSC and Online School for Boys: Online Education in the Independent School Tradition

IBSC has partnered with One Schoolhouse (the parent organization of Online School for Boys) so all our members can engage in the exciting world of global online learning. These professional development opportunities allow boys’ school educators and administrators to become familiar with new teaching paradigms and explore those with a cohort of fellow boys’ school educators. The flexible schedule allows you to delve into the innovative coursework on your own time, whenever it's most convenient for you.

Professional Development Courses

Building Leadership in Schools for Boys

17 July – 11 August 2017

This course offers an overview to the theory and practice of leadership in the school environment. Participants will research and apply models and frameworks for personal and team leadership. They will be required to review and evaluate their own personal leadership skills and styles, as well as those of a leadership team within their school. Equipped with the skills attained during this course and this personal evaluation, participants will identify their developmental needs and design an appropriate professional learning plan to build their personal leadership competencies. Plus, they'll learn to nurture a culture of leadership within their school community. This course pays special attention to the unique mission, expertise, and culture of boys’ schools in relation to challenges and opportunities for effective leadership. Refer to Building Leadership for additional details and to register.

Single-Gender Education: A Course for Teachers New to Boys' Schools

17 July – 11 August 2017

This course is designed as an orientation to boys’ schools and all-boys learning environments for newly hired teachers. Participants connect and collaborate with each other to explore best practice and research in boys’ school classrooms. Moreover, participants learn from panels of school heads, alumni, experienced teachers, and new teachers, and therefore gain introductions to community members and leaders from around the world. By the end of the four-week experience, teachers develop a clear sense of what it means to work in an all-boys school; understand ways that teachers can create a classroom atmosphere and curriculum that maximize how boys learn; and connect to an international cohort of first-year faculty members. This invaluable network of fellow boys' school educators continues to help teachers long after the course concludes. Refer to Single-Gender Education for additional details and to register.

Boys' Global Inspiration Network

January–July 2017 (Registration is closed for this event.)

Today, educators faced a series of complicated challenges, issues, and dilemmas: global citizenship, health and wellness, classroom innovation, student and faculty leadership, student agency, assessment strategies, best practices for teaching boys, and more. What if we could connect boys’ school educators from around the globe to develop shared understandings about some of these key themes and issues? The goal of the Boys’ Global Inspiration Network is to create spaces for conversations and connections to wrestle with key questions and challenges of our time from a boys’ school and a global perspective . The Network is fueled by the belief that boys’ schools are at their best when they work together to tackle complex challenges – boys’ school educators inspiring each other. Refer to Boys' Global Inspiration Network for additional details and to register.

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