Teacher Exchange

Welcome schools interested in teacher visits or exchanges.

The IBSC Teacher Exchange provides a forum for schools to connect and explore possible teacher exchanges with other IBSC member schools. While IBSC helps connect schools with each other, we can neither formally assist with arrangements between schools nor provide legal advice regarding visa and other matters. Individual member schools take responsibility for posting their interest, keeping their information up to date, and contacting other schools that have posted their information. Together schools work out exchange timeframes, economic considerations, and other arrangements.

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Types of teacher exchanges may include:
  • Visits
    A short (several days to several weeks) visit by a faculty/staff member to another IBSC member school to observe how a different school functions on a day-to-day basis and/or study particular programs and/or aspects of the host school. Such a visit might include the visitor offering a service to the host school, such as a presentation at a faculty meeting, consulting about or offering temporary assistance with a particular program, or making other arrangements discussed prior to the visit.
  • Exchanges
    Exchanges involve swapping teachers between two IBSC member schools for an academic term or year. The viability of such exchanges depends on visa requirements of the countries involved and the ability of the two schools to work out exchange timeframes, economic considerations, and other arrangements.

Complete the Teacher Exchange Form

If your school wants to be an IBSC Teacher Exchange School, please complete and submit the Teacher Exchange Form. After we receive form submissions, we post the Teacher Exchange information in the Member Portal. Check back for details and postings.

Please allow up to one week for your details to be posted to IBSC Visit and Exchange Participating Members.

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