Board Committees & Task Forces

July 2017 – June 2018

Finance Committee

Greg O'Melia, Chair, The Buckley School (United States)

David Dini, St. Mark's School of Texas (United States)

Chris Post, The Boys' Latin School of Maryland (United States)

Tom Stanton, The Buckley School (United States)

Membership Committee

Mark Fenton, Chair, King Edward's School (United Kingdom)

Tom Batty, Scotch College (Australia)

Gunmeet Bindra, Welham Boys' School (India)

Miguel Dionis, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Hal Hannaford, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Ed Hearn, St. Augustine High School (United States)

Byron Hulsey, Woodberry Forest School (United States)

David Knowles, Clifton School (South Africa)

Tony Reeler, Pretoria Boys' High School (South Africa)

Program Committee

Brad Gioia, Co-Chair, Montgomery Bell Academy (United States)

Jim Hawkins, Co-chair, Harrow School (United Kingdom)

Kai Bynum, Hopkins School (United States)

Joe Cox (United States)

Dave Faus, St. Paul's School (United States)

Bradley Fenner, Prince Alfred College (Australia)

David Ferguson, Westlake Boys' High School (New Zealand)

John Green, St. Christopher's School (United States)

Michael Grenier, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Jack Pannell, Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys (United States)

Sherry Rusher, St. Albans School (United States)

Greg Wain, The Southport School (Australia)

Research Committee

Ian Lambert, Chair, The Scots College (Australia)

John Munro, Vice Chair, Fairfield Country Day School (United States)

Hugh Chilton, The Scots College (Australia)

Kai Bynum, Hopkins School (United States)

Michael Fellin, Crescent School (Canada)

Kim Hudson, St. Christopher's School (United States)

Di Laycock, The King's School (Australia)

Margot Long, St. John's College (South Africa)

Caitlin Munday, The Scots College (Australia)

Jonnie Noakes, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Tony Sissons, King's School (New Zealand)

Transgender Task Force

David Faus, Chair, St. Paul's School (United States)

Carrie Friend, St. Albans School (United States)

Rupert Heathcote, King Edward's School (United Kingdom)

Martin Huysamer, St. John's College (South Africa)

Shai Kohen, Crescent School (Canada)

Tom Matthews, St. George's School (Canada)

Andrew McGregor, Harrow School (United Kingdom)

Rick Melvoin, Belmont Hill School (United States)

Tony Szymendera, St. Christopher's School (United States)

Greg Wain, The Southport School (Australia)

Grant Watson, Scotch College (Australia)