Membership Committee

July 2023 – June 2024

The IBSC Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing and keeping under review a protocol to welcome new members to IBSC, ensuring that they get good value from their decision to join.
  • Identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs to ensure long term retention. Part of the ongoing work is to include developing and reviewing a biennial membership survey.
  • Increasing Membership. Recommending means for increasing IBSC’s membership base and reengaging lapsed members.

Byron Hulsey, Chair, Woodberry Forest School (United States)

Charles Bailey, Harrow School (United Kingdom)

Bennet Carr, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon (United Kingdom)

Miguel Dionis, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Simon Henderson, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Surendra Kulkarni, Mayo College (India)

Chris Luman, Martizburg College (South Africa)

Sam McKinney, Upper Canada College (Canada)

Anthony Micallef, Brisbane Grammar School (Australia)

Rick Parsons, The Sterling Hall School (Canada)

Tony Reeler, Bishops Diocesan College (South Africa)