Program Committee

July 2023 – June 2024

The IBSC Program Committee reviews, supports, and develops online courses, regional and annual programs, and collaborations with like organizations. The current committee essentially serves as the gate keeper for spending on projects that would benefit our member schools and improve the value proposition of the Coalition. As we pursue communications and marketing initiatives, we seek expertise to hone our messaging and value proposition. This committee might also assist the Vice Presidents in creating and communicating regional platforms of services. Specifically, the committee focuses on SCORE:

School Programs
Conferences: Regional and Annual
Online Programs
Research Programs and Responsiveness to Boys Issues
Educational Programs and Opportunities for Schools and Staff

Lorri Hamilton Durbin, Chair, Town School for Boys (United States)

Deborah Barker, St. Kevin’s College (Australia)

John Botti, The Browning School (United States)

Dean Dell'Oro, Hale School (Australia)

Michael Fellin, Cresent School (Canada)

David Ferguson, Westlake Boys' High School (New Zealand)

Mike Grenier, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Ramón Javier, George Jackson Academy (United States)

Lester Lalla, St. John’s Preparatory School (Africa)

Janet Lien, The Browning School (United States)

Jack Pannell, The Collegiate Schools Foundation (United States)