Volunteer for an IBSC Committee

The IBSC Board of Trustees is responsible for the exercise, conduct, and control of the powers, property, and affairs of the organization. The Board consists of a diverse group of global educators with varying areas of expertise and paths and trajectories of professional experience. One of the most critical pieces of work the IBSC Board does is lead four standing committees that guide and execute the work of the Board: Finance and Operations, Membership, Program, and Research. The committees are comprised of Trustees, as well as other dedicated volunteers with particular expertise within the global boys’ school community. The committees meet in person at least twice a year during the general and annual Board meetings. As needed, these committees will meet virtually. It is the responsibility of the committee members to cover travel expenses in association with the committee work.

IBSC Committees

Finance Committee: The IBSC Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the organization, which includes budgeting and financial planning (both short-term and long-term), overseeing the annual audit, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls, policies, and accountability.

Membership Committee: The IBSC Membership Committee provides oversight for the overall membership structure of the organization, dues structures, membership recruitment drives, and membership initiatives for our entire membership and individual regions.

Program Committee: The IBSC Program Committee reviews, supports, and develops online courses with One Schoolhouse (formerly Online School for Boys), regional and annual programs, and collaborations. The current committee essentially serves as the gate keeper for spending on projects that would benefit our member schools and improve the value proposition of the Coalition. As we pursue communications and marketing initiatives, we seek expertise to hone our messaging and value proposition. This committee may assist the Vice Presidents in creating and communicating regional platforms of services.

Research Committee: The IBSC Research Committee develops globally collaborative action research programs and research initiatives that enhance pedagogical, curricular, and organizational expertise in our schools and reflect the best practices for meeting the needs of boys. In other words, the IBSC Research Committee:

  • Facilitates research initiatives that support best practices for boys' education;
  • Contributes to excellence in pedagogical, curricular, and organizational leadership; and
  • Disseminates and promotes research that supports gender-relevant teaching and learning strategies.

View the current roster of the IBSC Committees.

Are you interested in being part of the IBSC leadership? The committees always seek committed volunteers interested in engaging with the Coalition and boys’ education globally who can share lessons and experiences from their schools. The Board of Trustees reviews applications for committees twice a year at the January and June Board meetings. After the Board meetings, IBSC will follow up with applicants.