Nominate a Trustee

Submit your nomination by March 24, 2023.

Please submit the nomination form if you would like to serve as a trustee or nominate someone else. Currently, we seek nominations from member schools located in Australia, Canada, and the United States. The IBSC board of trustees will present its nominations for new trustees at the board meeting held in conjunction with the 2023 IBSC Annual Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, in July.

Responsibilities of IBSC Trustees

The specific expectations for trustees include:

  • Support the IBSC mission.
  • Advocate in the best interest of boys and boys’ schools.
  • Attend and fully participate in board meetings and conferences.
  • Energetically participate on board committees and task forces.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in ongoing assessment of IBSC to deepen and broaden the organization’s effectiveness and reach.
  • Serve as a positive, compelling ambassador for IBSC.

Trustees are assigned to a specific committee and expected to participate in committee work throughout the year. Furthermore, trustees are expected to attend the annual board meeting held in conjunction with the IBSC Annual Conference and, as much as distance and expense allow, a second in-person board meeting held each year in January. Trustees’ schools or organizations normally absorb costs related to meeting attendance. In certain circumstances, grants are available to defray costs. Finally, trustees are expected to support the various IBSC regional conferences, programs, and online courses, whenever possible.

Selecting Trustees

Electing new trustees creates an opportunity to ensure the board reflects the composition of our regional membership and supports the mission and strategic focus of our coalition. Several factors considered in selecting trustees include:

  • The need for representation from all regions where we have a significant number of member schools;
  • The importance of perspectives and knowledge from all types of member boys’ schools and other organizations that support boys;
  • A commitment to the diversity of those who work in our schools; and
  • A history of support for IBSC work and programs.

While most trustees are heads of school, we welcome talented people in other areas of school leadership who would contribute significant expertise and experience. Most of all, candidates should be devoted to boys’ schools and prepared to invest time and energy to advance the IBSC mission.