Strategic Plan

IBSC Strategic Plan Cover

At the June 2019 IBSC board of trustees meeting in Montréal, Chair Tom Batty announced that the board will embark on a one-year project to review and revise the organization’s strategic plan.

“At the heart of our work together, we strive to guide boys on the journey to manhood for lives of achievement and fulfillment, compassion and justice, and service and leadership. To enhance our efforts, the IBSC board of trustees is developing a new strategic plan to give structure, direction, and accountability to all aspects of our work,” Batty said.

To that end he appointed Chris Post, IBSC secretary and trustee, to lead the effort. Post appointed the following members to serve as the Steering Committee for the development:

  • Bradford Gioia
    Vice Chair—North American Region
  • Simon Henderson
    Vice Chair—UK/European Region
  • Ian Lambert
    Vice Chair—Australia/New Zealand Region
  • David Knowles
    Vice Chair—African Region
  • Byron Hulsey
    Chair—Membership Committee
  • David Dini
    Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Operations Committee

The board will present the new plan at the 2020 IBSC Annual Conference in Barcelona and it will go into effect in July.

The board approved the last strategic plan in October 2016. Download the plan now. (This document is available only to IBSC members; you must be logged in to read it. Login here.)