IBSC Living History Podcast

IBSC Living HistoryThe IBSC Living History Podcast illuminates the issues and ideas that led to the founding of IBSC, particularly the difficult times that many boys' schools faced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These conversations with past IBSC board chairs and executive directors focus on how the coalition emerged and highlight the struggles and successes of growing our association into the platform for learning and connection we enjoy today. 

More than a slice of history, the IBSC Living History Podcast also shows that while so much has changed in boys’ education, much remains the same. Our reflections illustrate the strength of our community and create an interesting story for boys’ schools to use in your communities.

Part One

In part one of the IBSC Living History Podcast, Rick Melvoin reflects on the establishment of IBSC, the challenges faced by boys' schools in the early years of the coalition, and the lessons boys' schools can take into the future.

Part Two

In part two of the IBSC Living History Podcast, John Farber shares how the first gatherings of heads and directors of admissions in North American boys’ schools led to establishing IBSC as an advocate and proponent of single-gender schools for boys. Farber also reflects on the relational nature of IBSC and the importance of the coalition’s global reach.

Part Three

In part three of the IBSC Living History Podcast, Brad Gioia recounts the story of the founding of IBSC, paying special attention to how the organization's international scope has evolved. He highlights how this diversity enriches our shared comprehension of the universal difficulties that boys face and the rationale for boys' schools.