Meet Amy

Amy Ahart

Amy Ahart joined the International Boys’ Schools Coalition in April of 2015. Honored to be joining IBSC, Amy looks forward to working as part of the team to further the IBSC mission of educating and developing boys’ education through her interests in leadership development, educating the individual student, and supporting academic environments that educate and celebrate global students and citizens.

Prior to joining IBSC, Amy worked with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as Senior Director of the Annual Conference. For 10 years, Amy curated and led the NAIS Annual Conference, an event that attracted 4,000 - 6,800 attendees. Each year, Amy was privileged to work with outstanding educators, school leaders, keynote speakers and education enthusiasts to dive deeply into education, educational leadership and professional development.

Amy began her career as a member of the College Relations and Student Life divisions at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. Both of these positions focused on leadership, event programming, community, and culture. Amy was known for her ability to bring different areas of administration together to work collaboratively.

Amy received her Master of Public/Non-Profit Administration degree from New York University and her undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Lafayette College. Amy is married to Tom DiGiovanni, a high-school teacher and a musician. Amy and Tom have a daughter Mia, and a dog Maestro. They are active in their local community, education, and the arts.