Professional Development

IBSC hosts local conferences and workshops worldwide, focusing in-depth on topics such as wellness, character, technology, sports, literacy, best practices in educating boys, and leadership. IBSC strives to expand these regional initiatives, which spark innovative approaches and topics for our global collaboration and programs.

Check back often for the latest news on IBSC global events taking place at member schools.

Global Conferences and Events 

IBSC Shorts

IBSC Research in Boys' Schools Series

  • Establishing a Culture of Research Among Faculty and Boys, September 26 – October 12, 2022, Hosted online by Crescent School (Canada)
  • Embracing Inclusive Education at a Boys’ School, November 14 – 21, 2022, Hosted online by Westlake Boys High School (New Zealand)

IBSC Parenting Boys Speaker Series

IBSC Ideas Lab

Watch for new IBSC Ideas Labs coming soon.

IBSC On-Demand Classes

IBSC Regional Events

Watch for more events coming soon.


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