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2017 IBSC Annual Conference

The Boys' Latin School of Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
25 – 28 June 2017

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Workshops that will inspire you to create!

Creativity is the muse that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen” The Star Spangled Banner” and the muse who whispered in the ears of jazz greats Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway. So too, creativity is the muse which inspires us to capture the imagination of our boys and our colleagues.

BLOCK 1 - Monday, 26 June 2017, 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

From Consumption to Creation: Digital Literacy and Infographic Design

Room: 231
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
In today’s world, literacy has evolved from reading text on a page to deciphering digital information at a frenetic pace. New literacies require students not only to think critically about what they see online but also to actively produce information. Uncover the basics of digital literacy, infographics, and how you can incorporate infographic design and production in your own lessons.
Presenters: Marsha Hawkins and Amanda Livick, St. Christopher's School (United States)

Take PD to the Next Level: Cultivating a Culture of Innovation in Boys’ Schools Room: 140

Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Innovative teachers are the catalysts for creating a culture of innovation in their communities. As a result, schools have to invest in teacher growth. This participatory session will address the challenge schools face to develop world-class, innovative teachers, by offering insights into the philosophy behind the creation of a compelling and innovative in-house professional development program.
Presenter: Bruce Collins, St. Alban's College (South Africa)

Visual Arts Projects and Collaborations that Most Inspired Our Boys

Room: 234
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
See slides of students working diligently in the studio and peruse examples of their final artwork. Hear short anecdotes about the boys' experiences and our real conversations in the classroom. Learn about specific projects and lessons in ceramics, drawing, architecture, photography, and printmaking that have proven the most inspiring and engaging with our high school boys.
Presenters: Cristina Pinton and Kathryn McSpadden, Avon Old Farms School (United States)

Workshop Materials: https://pintonc.wixsite.com/aofart

BLOCK 2 - Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 10:15 – 11:15 AM

Discovering the Power of Expectations in Attaining Academic Success for Boys

Room: 129
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Societal constructs of masculinity often create a barrier to fostering a climate of academic success and rigor within our schools. By immersing ourselves in the research surrounding boys’ education and expectations, we can discover the immense power that expectations of both students and staff have upon the self-efficacy and overall academic achievement of our students.
Presenter: Luke Rawle, St. Augustine's College (Australia)

Workshop Handout: Expectations

If They Get to Build It, They Will Come: Designing a Makerspace and Implementing an Effective Technology Program
Room: 236
Appeals to: Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
It can be overwhelming to determine how best to integrate technology into today’s classrooms, not to mention expensive. Share the ups and downs of our experience in designing a makerspace and look at a variety of ways to use technology while implementing project-based learning in the classroom.
Presenters: Mike Burris, Wayne Peterson, and Jamie Bourland, Blue Ridge School (United States)

Tapping the Creative Process for Deeper Learning: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Room: 138
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
Examine a research-based teaching and learning practice and self-reflective assessment strategy that engages and strengthens curiosity and creative thinking. Emphasizing divergent thinking skills, understanding problems, and cultivating personal solutions, this practice creates an authentic demand for content knowledge and skill development across disciplines and age groups.
Presenters: Christopher Fox and Zoë Blatt, The Haverford School (United States)

Workshop Materials (http://creativeprocessibsc.weebly.com)

BLOCK 3 - Tuesday , 27 June 2017, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Creating and Implementing Student-Centered Sex Education

Room: 331
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12), Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
When tasked with creating a sex ed class, where do you begin? Examine a sexual education program that seeks not only to address boys physical development but also their emotional growth. Break down the process of going from early curriculum planning to cross-curricular integration all while addressing student and community needs.
Presenter: Virginia Dreux, St. Bernard's School (United States)

Creativity and “The Moment”

Track: Creativity
Room: 332
Appeals to: All Ages of Students
Knowledge Level: New to Topic

Our work offers a seemingly limitless number of “moments” that invite and often demand our reaction. Hear stories from 43 years of teaching and leading an independent school as Headmaster Bill Burke shares a wealth of memories that evince the transformative power of the creative response.
Presenter: William Burke, St. Sebastian's School (United States)

Evolution of Innovation

Room: 106
Appeals to: All Ages
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
Hear two schools’ divergent paths to developing a thriving innovation and entrepreneurial studies program. Learn why innovation and entrepreneurial programs are relevant, how your institution can start an innovation program with minimal risk, and what types of equipment and spaces you need. Discover flexible and adaptable strategies to create hands-on learning opportunities on your campus.
Presenters: Casey Smith and Peter Winebrenner, Hord Coplan Macht (United States)

Workshop Handout (https://www.dropbox.com/s/lm1zrjfjaxh8i97/IBSC%202017%20-%20Evo%20of%20Innov.pdf?dl=0)

Fostering Creativity Through Innovative and Globally Connected Integrated Tasks Room: 343

Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Creativity is the ability to imagine, wonder, and ask “What if?” and “How can we?” It is about making connections, seeing the world differently, and solving problems. This set of mental attributes is essential for our boys if they are to take their place in the world with agency and agility. Explore engaging, cross-disciplinary, co-created tasks and resources to use with your students.
Presenter: Karen Yager, Knox Grammar School (Australia)

Think, Imagine, and Create: How a Makerspace Fosters 21st Century Soft Skills

Room: 140
Appeals to: Lower/Primary School (Ages 5-12)
Knowledge Level: New to Topic
Current efforts with STEAM/STEM impact initiatives that help us develop boys. Learn about a making program, located in an intentionally designed makerspace, with an age-appropriate curriculum and an exploratory Technology Discovery Lab. This innovative set-up serves as a cornerstone of a curriculum where all boys are empowered to think, imagine, and create.
Presenters: Paris McLean, Maggie Rose, and Raymond Shay, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart (United States)

Workshop Presentation (http://bit.ly/2u9DufO)

BLOCK 5 - Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Fueling Creativity in the English Classroom with Divergent Thinking

Room: 234
Appeals to: Middle School (Ages 12-15), Upper/Senior School (Ages 15-19)
Knowledge Level: Intermediate
Divergent classroom strategies can reignite a sense of wonder and awe in teaching English. Use Ways into Literature to make learning more relevant and absorbing. Develop an inquiry-based feedback system to encourage an open-ended approach for evaluating work and progress and manage preconceived "failure" in creative activities. Refuel your passion!
Presenter: Carolyn van Zuydam, Hilton College (South Africa)