Affinity Group Meetings

Affinity group (noun): a group of people linked by a common interest

New this year, Affinity Group Meetings take place on Tuesday at 2:30 PM. These 45-minute sessions encourage likeminded colleagues and faculty members from schools worldwide to meet, network, and discuss issues relating directly to their academic discipline or area of responsibility. Each session has a suggested focus to initiate conversation and includes a TSS representative to facilitate discussion. So, introduce yourself to the group, share your ideas of what has worked well for you (and what hasn’t worked so well), and create your own global network of IBSC colleagues. Stay in touch and share ideas post-conference, and have a ready source of colleagues and new friends to catch up with at the next IBSC Annual Conference!

Affinity Group Focus Venue

Teachers and Leaders: Reception to Year 3

Preparing future leaders and learners

Stevenson Room

Teachers and Leaders: Years 4 – 6

Developing high-order learning and teaching strategies

Library Seminar 1

Teachers and Leaders: STEM Education

Strategies for developing positive STEM-based curriculum and resources

Dods 3

Teachers and Leaders: English and Literacy

Sharing ideas and best practice to heighten literacy levels and knowledge

Dods 4

Teachers and Leaders: Foreign Languages

Strategies for developing in-class and out-of-class experiential learning

Dods 5

Teachers and Leaders: Coding and Programming

Where are we headed and who will join us?

Dods 6


and Leaders: The Humanities

Strategies for developing best classroom practice and resource collation

Dods 7

Teachers and Leaders: The Arts

Optimizing boys’ creativity

Dods 8

Teachers and Leaders: Faith Programs

Sharing ideas to encourage relevance, tolerance, and acceptance

Dods 9

Teachers and Leaders: Health and PE

Strategies to develop high-level sports programs and activities

Dods 10

Teachers and Leaders: Positive Education

Sharing programs that create positive, vibrant learning and teaching spaces

Dods 11

Teachers and Leaders: Pastoral Care

Developing pastoral care programs and learning opportunities for boys

Dods 12

Teachers and Leaders: Libraries and Information Science

Where is our profession headed?

Senior Library

Teachers and Leaders: Student Leadership and


Preparing boys to become future community leaders.

Dods 13
Teachers and Leaders: Boarding Schools

The role of Loco Parentis and boarding programs in boys’ schools.

Bennett 14

Building Design and Architecture Tour

Tour the Senior Campus and discover its architectural highlights.

Clocktower Lawn