2018 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

Please join us to honor John Green with the 2018 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award. We look forward to presenting the award to him at the 2018 IBSC Annual Conference in Gold Coast, Australia at The Southport School on July 9.

John Green

John Green

2018 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Honoree

For the past 18 years, John Green has taught and coached at St. Christopher’s School (United States). Working with upper school boys of all levels — both inside and outside the classroom — he relishes the opportunity to build relationships that are meaningful and long lasting. As the Upper School Associate Dean of Students, Green has developed grade-level programming focused on providing a “whole boy” educational experience, asking boys to consider how they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In 2013, after a decade of directing a summer leadership program for students from the Richmond, Virginia area, Green developed and directed the first IBSC Student Forum, held at St. Christopher’s School. Bringing together more than 30 boys from five continents, accompanied by adult mentors, the forum focused on civic engagement and citizen leadership. He continued to support the IBSC Student Forum as a codirector, adult mentor, and its final coordinator.

A graduate of one of the few remaining all-male colleges in the United States, Green personally understands and values the positive experiences offered by a single-sex learning environment. Keenly aware of the power of creating new relationships, he believes we must provide boys opportunities to see the world from different perspectives by meeting and connecting with others — often different from themselves. He feels it is through these relationships that our boys can discover avenues to initiate and institute positive change in their own communities and around the globe.

Green thanks his family and St. Christopher’s School for their constant support throughout his career.

History of the IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

In 1995, Dr. Richard Hawley and Reverend Tony Jarvis co-founded the International Boys’ Schools Coalition with the goal of celebrating the lives and education of boys. The spirit of these two experienced school leaders and master teachers continues to inspire the work of the IBSC. The IBSC Board of Trustees created this award to honor educators whose selfless service furthers best practices in boys’ education and advances the professional development of boys' educators.

Selection Criteria

We will accept nominations for the 2019 award next winter.

  • The award will be presented to an IBSC member school employee who has faithfully offered transformational service to the IBSC for at least two years.
  • We seek to nominate and award those who serve in support roles rather than senior administrators.
  • IBSC trustees will review three finalists from the nominations submitted by the IBSC membership-at-large. Trustees select the honoree and recognize this person at the IBSC Annual Conference.