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2019 IBSC Annual Conference

Selwyn House School

Montréal, Québec, Canada
June 26 - 29

Workshop Block 2

Thursday, June 28, 4:00 - 5:10 PM

2018-19 IBSC Action Research Program

You may download workshop materials from any presenter who shares them with us by clicking the link under the workshop description.

Boys and Stories: Pathway to Learning

This workshop block offers two individual, 30-minute presentations on researchers’ work. A 10-minute break between the two presentations allows you to move rooms as desired.

4:00 - 4:30 PM
Building Confidence and Competency in Grade 3 Boys: The Effects of Digital Storytelling

Jen O'Ferrall, St. Christopher's School (United States)
Room: E1

Complicating the Narrative of Mao’s China with Year 13 Boys

Joanna Rainey, Eton College (United Kingdom)
Room: E2

Confronting the Past with Storytelling: Developing Grade 12 Boys’ Critical Thinking Skills Through Retelling Virginia’s History of Racial Terror

Peter Bonds, Blue Ridge School (United States)
Room: E3

Diverse Stories: A Pathway to Developing Adventurous Year 8 Readers

Liz Derouet, Toowoomba Grammar School (Australia)
Rossy Agora

Don't Bore Me. You Won't Like Me When I'm Bored: Using Comics to Promote Engagement in Year 9 World Language Class

Tom Rogers, Harrow School (United Kingdom)
Room: Red Room Theatre

Evocative Objects: How Stories Help Year 7 Boys Understand the Significance of Artifacts

Melanie Mortimer, Dulwich Prep (United Kingdom)
Room: MAC 1

From Reflection to Awareness in Grade 7: How Life Stories Shape a Boy's Identity
Patricia Alviano, Crescent School (Canada)
Room: MAC 2

Ideas Taking Root: Deepening Learning Through Biological Storytelling with Grade 11 Boys

Kathryn Murray Hoenig, St. George's School (Canada)
Room: MAC 3

It’s Kind of a College Thing: Using Storytelling to Develop Year 10 Boys’ Understanding of the History of Christ’s College

Eloise Nevin and Paul Rodley, Christ's College (New Zealand)
Room: MAC 4

The Impact of Storytelling on Year 5 Boys’ Perceptions of Biculturalism

Jarred Wilson and Julian Procaccini, Saint Kentigern Boys’ School (New Zealand
Room: Lucas Seminar Room

Leading from Authenticity: Using Strengths-Based Coaching to Clarify the Leadership Identities of Year 11 Boys

Roy Hobson, St. Andrew's College (South Africa)
Room: MS 3

Life Through a Lens: Empowering Emerging Identities in Year 5 Boys Through Visual Literacy

Patrick Ell, The King's School Preparatory School (Australia)
Room: MS 4

My Story, Your Story, Our Story: Using an Intentional Story Sharing Program to Strengthen Relational Skills in Grade 6 Boys

Nicole Richardson and Catherine Steenhoff, St Peter's Boys’ Preparatory School (South Africa)
Room: MS 5

Relevant Role Models: The Power of Storytelling in Values Education for Grade 9 Boys

Rene Hanham, Lindisfarne College (New Zealand)
Room: MS 6

Social Media and Year 8 Boys: How Storytelling Can Impact Their Digital Footprint

Irene Basson, St John's College (South Africa)
Room: F2

Storytelling Games and Growth Mindset: A Winning Combination in a Grade 9 Afrikaans First Additional Language Class

Ylmé Rappard, St. Alban's College (South Africa)
Room: Makerspace

Their Brothers' Voices: Using Archival Stories to Foster Empathy in Grade 8 Boys

Melissa Ramon, St. Andrew's College (Canada)
Room: Agora Classroom

They've Walked in Our Shoes: The Power of Old Boys' Stories to Develop Character in Year 5 Boys

Elisabeth Smith and Duncan Kendall, The Scots College (Australia)
Room: Library

Using Digital Tools to Promote Reading and Story Reflection in Grade 6 Boys

Joanne Thompson, St Stithians Boys’ Preparatory School (South Africa)
Room: Student Success Centre

4:40 - 5:10 PM
Australian Aboriginals and Year 2 Boys Bring Storytelling to Life: Implementing Traditional Storytelling Methods for Greater Understanding

Campbell Madden and Bonnie Wansley, Trinity Grammar School (Australia)
Room: Lucas Seminar Room

Beware the Trojan Horse of Humor: Using Stand-up Comedy as a Tool for Exploring Notions of Gender Identity in Grade 10 Boys

Kathleen Schroeder, Hilton College (South Africa)
Room: Agora Classroom

Brave and Faithful Leaders: Broader Understanding of Leadership Through Stories with Year 11 Boys

David Idstein, The King's School (Australia)
Room: MS 5

Breaking Barriers: Using Personal Narrative to Deepen Grade 6 Boys' Understanding of Implicit Bias

Kate Rodrigues, St. John's College Preparatory School (Johannesburg)
Room: MS 6

Digital Biographies: Storytelling and Empathy in Grade 5 Computer Science

Anderson Harp, The Browning School (United States)
Room: Makerspace

Engaging Year 9 Boys in Visual Arts Theory Through Digital Media Storytelling

Eli Faen, The Southport School (Australia)
Room: Library

Giving Voice to Unheard Stories: Developing Critical Literacy Skills in Grade 10 Boys

Kristy Carlisle and Tammy Bechus, St David's Marist Inanda (South Africa)
Room: Student Success Centre

I Carry Your Story and You Carry Mine: Storytelling in Spanish Class to Foster Empathy in Grade 8 Boys

Samara Spielberg and Camilla Iturralde, The Allen-Stevenson School (United States)
Room: E1

Making Connections: Creating and Strengthening Grade 3 Community Bonds Through Family History Stories

Barbara Kinkead and Emma Noble, St. Mark's School of Texas (United States)
Room: E2

Programming Language: A Storytelling Tool That Can Impact the Development of Social Responsibility in Grade 10 Boys

Denise Vythilingam, St. Stithians Boys' College (South Africa)
Room: E3

The Stories of Belmont Hill: Creating an Oral History Archive with Year 12 Boys

David Hegarty, Belmont Hill School (United States)
Room: MAC 1

Stories of Displacement: Using Drama to Strengthen Year 11 and 12 Boys’ Intercultural Understanding

James Kearney, Scotch College (Australia)
Room: Red Room Theatre

Stories of Good Men: Using Stories to Promote Positive Masculinity and Bonds Between Peers in Year 10

Lauren Cook, Berwick Grammar School (Australia)
Room: MAC 2

Tell It Like It Is: Empowering Year 10 Boys to Share Their Stories Through Yarns
Penny Horsley and Jonathon Mayall, Shore School (Australia)
Room: MAC 3

That Reminds Me of My New Boy Year: Using Stories to Strengthen a Peer Leadership Program for Grade 11 Boys

Jacob Geiger, Woodberry Forest School (United States)
Room: MAC 4

Who Am I? Investigating the Identity of Grade 9 Boys Through Music Composition

Tony Gomes, Upper Canada College (Canada)
Room: MS 3

Who Am I Really? Year 12 Boys Defining Identity Through Their Immigration Stories

Camilla Elliott, Mazenod College (Australia)
Room: MS 4

What Shapes Him, Shapes Them: How Sharing Personal Narratives Fosters Connectedness in Grade 10 Boys

Edward Brenac and David Scardino, The Scots College (Australia)
Room: F2

Year 9 Boys' Outdoor Education: Social Emotional Learning Through Place-Based Digital Storytelling

Richard van Dam, Dilworth School (New Zealand)
Room: Rossy Agora