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2021 IBSC Annual Conference




Featured Workshops

Attend one of these featured workshops led by our Viaró hosts.

Beyond Coaching

What exactly is an individual tutor? The experience of those who have had a tutor for 12 years seems to indicate that they contribute much more than originally intended. How is this possible? What's the trick? What does it depend on? What extras we can bring to students even without proposing it? Join us to explore these questions and gain powerful tools to help boys in their character growth.
Room: Almond Tree Building, 4B

Toni Safont

Toni Safont, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Pere López

Pere López, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Connecting the Dots: A Challenge in Teaching!

How can you enhance the learning experience of those with specific difficulties? Perhaps, by simply connecting the dots.

In every school there are students who require specific attention and a tailored, individual approach. The combination of these elements of education proves crucial to a student’s ability to pursue higher education and future success. You must form a student-teacher relationship based on cooperation and encouragement, which forms the foundation for the year. Discover more about enhanced learning for boys with difficulties and find out for yourself how to connect the dots!
Room: Almond Tree Building, 3A

Isidre Cheto
Isidre Cheto, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Enhancing Synergies Among Students of Different Ages and Building Character Strengths Through Viaró Teams

Implementing Viaró teams (Fúries, Dofí, Falcó, Huracà, Cicló, Jaguar) in daily life in our school fosters collaboration, learning, and teamwork among students of all ages. Jump in and join us to hear about cooperative learning routines, macro activities, and various ways Viaró teams encourage students to improve their leadership, community service, and other character strengths.
Room: Almond Tree Building, Room 1C

Marc Ventura

Marc Ventura, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Javier Pérez

Javier Pérez, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Family Enrichment: Enhance Family and School

Parents trust us and we trust them. We want to listen to them and help them. We also want them to help us effectively educate their children. We strongly believe there is no better way than to reinforce their leadership. Learn about a tool that has swept across more than 70 countries: family enrichment courses. Explore real case studies in groups, then debate with an expert facilitator. Engage in this atmosphere of companionship and friendship—the real family in action!
Room: Almond Tree Building, Audiovisual Room

Javier Vidal-Quadras

Javier Vidal-Quadras, IFFD International

Family Involvement First!

Connecting parents and school makes a great community of learners. Schools with family involvement are more likely to improve results. Get inspiration and ideas for social-emotional well-being, including show and tell lessons, sing with us, leisure, cultural, sports, barbecues, conferences, roundtables, parents’ choir, theater club, volunteer activities, and more. Plan some events for your school.

Get to know our secret: Viaró Global School is a small big family! We use MECs (Parents in Charge) and AMPA (parents association) to promote not a single experience but the foundation for boys’ success.
Room: Auditorium

Cinta Ortego

Cinta Ortego, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Toni Borrell

Toni Borrell, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Helping Boys Flourish with the Arts

People have the unique ability to create beauty through the arts. Yet boys often hide their sensitivity behind a misunderstood virility—even as men throughout history have written, painted, sung, and excelled precisely because of this sensitivity and their ability to express it and share it with the world.

We promote the arts and emotional growth. Embracing sensitivity, expressing it, and managing the emotions generated by the world of arts creates a way of knowing oneself and presenting a part of ourselves. It’s sharing beauty.

Individually or in small groups, boys engage in poetry, plastic expression, dance, singing, and musical instruments. All disciplines seek the expression of beauty and result in public performances. Our students express themselves artistically without complexities or prejudices of gender. Join us to learn how the study of arts help boys enhance their potential in life.
Room: Almond Tree Building, 4A

Xavi Andrés

Xavi Andrés, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Not Only but Also: The Importance of Non-Academic Issues When Tutoring Academic Issues

How can a positive session with the teacher-tutor remind you that there are other—and equally important—issues beyond academics? How do we count on teachers to educate children beyond academics? Join us for an interactive role play to illuminate us.
Room: Almond Tree Building, Room 3B

José Quintano

José Quintano, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Kristoff Puelinckx

Kristoff Puelinckx, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Alicia Iribarren

Alicia Iribarren, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Real Solidarity

We all want our boys to become responsible and committed citizens, so we teach them values such as empathy and generosity. But beyond slogans, talks, and fundraising campaigns, should we put boys in real contact with people suffering poverty, illness, or loneliness? We do because we believe personal experiences are the best way to develop these values. Come and discover our community service programs, where students get in touch with the real needs of real people.
Room: Almond Tree Building, 2B

Ignacio Malmierca

Ignacio Malmierca, Viaró Global School (Spain)

Cristian Pàmies

Cristian Pàmies, Viaró Global School (Spain)