IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2021 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award. We look forward to presenting this year's award to Miguel Dionis at the 2021 IBSC Virtual Conference on June 17.

Miguel Dionis 
2021 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award Honoree

Miguel DionisMiguel Dionis has dedicated his entire life to the world of education for boys at Viaró Global School (Spain), which serves students from infant to 18 years old. He has taught in all educational stages after starting as a primary school teacher in 1991. Dionis served as head of Primary Education at Viaró for more than 10 years. After that, he became the head of studies of the school for 12 years and currently holds the position as general secretary of the school and head of secondary school.

Dionis first engaged with the IBSC community at the 1995 IBSC Annual Conference at the City of London School (United Kingdom). Since then he has participated in IBSC Annual Conferences, regional conferences, online classes, and research programs. He has presented a workshop on one of the topics that he considers essential for education: the priority of parents and teachers to educate children together. Dionis organized at his school the first regional conference on the European continent: The Family-School Relationship. He officially joined the IBSC board of trustees in 2018; he collaborates with the Membership Committee especially for the European continent and Spanish-speaking countries. Dionis has been the coordinator of the team that prepared the 2020 IBSC Annual Conference scheduled at Viaró Global School, focusing on the theme Connecting the Dots: Boys, Communities, and the Future. What would have been the first IBSC Annual Conference held in a Mediterranean country, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. Highlighting his dedication and resilience, Dionis is currently leading the team working for the 2024 IBSC Annual Conference at Viaró. (Mark your calendar now!)

Throughout his career and everything he does, Dionis has demonstrated a constant and active concern for the defense and promotion of the educational model for boys, especially in Spanish-speaking countries and globally.



In 1989, Dr. Richard Hawley, headmaster of University School (United States) in Cleveland, and Reverend Tony Jarvis, headmaster of the Roxbury Latin School (United States), met to discuss their mutual concerns about the future direction of boys’ schools. As a result they formed a group of similarly concerned leaders of boys’ schools to broaden the conversation and share ideas. Under their leadership the group founded the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) in 1995, with the goal to celebrate the lives and education of boys. Both experienced school leaders and master teachers, Hawley and Jarvis embody the spirit of servant leadership that inspires IBSC's work. In 2015, the IBSC board of trustees created this award to honor those whose selfless service furthers best practice in boys’ education and the professional development of those who educate boys.

Selection Criteria

  • The award will be given to an employee of an IBSC member school who has faithfully offered transformational service to IBSC for a period of at least two years.
  • We seek to nominate and award those who serve in support roles rather than senior administrators.
  • Selection: IBSC trustees will review three finalists among the nominees submitted by the IBSC membership at large and select the awardee for recognition at the IBSC Annual Conference.


Please contact Amy Ahart at ahart@theibsc.org with any questions.