2022 IBSC Annual Conference2022 IBSC Annual Conference 

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, Texas, United States
June 26 - 29 

Terms and Conditions for Workshop Presenters

Please read the following terms, conditions, and presenter benefits carefully before submitting a proposal.

Workshop Proposal Submission Process

  • Completion of the submission form does not guarantee acceptance nor that a workshop proposal will be presented at the IBSC Annual Conference.
  • All proposal submissions must be well thought out and relate directly to the conference theme and its tracks. Workshop proposals failing to fulfill this requirement will not be accepted. Any proposal that promotes a product, service, or anything representing monetary self-interest will be rejected automatically.
  • The person submitting the proposal will serve as the primary contact for this workshop.
  • The person submitting the proposal must connect directly to the proposal by either serving as presenter of the workshop or working for/representing the person named as the workshop presenter.
  • Only proposals submitted through IBSC's website will be considered. Incomplete workshop proposals cannot be considered for presentation.


  • A co-presenter must agree to all terms and conditions for participation.
  • You must provide the co-presenter's name, title, organization, and valid email address.
  • The person submitting the proposal is responsible for communicating with co-presenter(s) regarding acceptance or rejection, deadlines, and all other submission details.
  • We strongly recommend a group or panel not exceed four (4) presenters including the moderator.

Accepted Proposals

  • Upon receiving notice that your proposal has been selected for presentation at a specific IBSC event, IBSC will provide the presenter with the event details and the event terms and conditions. Presenter(s) must agree to all requirements as discussed and agreed to by IBSC to be eligible to present at the designated event.
  • For all accepted submissions, IBSC reserves the right to edit the title, description, and outcomes for promotional purposes and in accordance with the IBSC style guide.
  • Following proposal acceptance, IBSC will contact the lead presenter with information regarding workshop scheduling and details.
  • All presenters must adhere to the policies, procedures, and deadlines established. This ensures timely publication of all information for our attendees to view and helps us meet all your workshop needs.
  • IBSC events are noncommercial forums. Under no circumstances may a presenter promote a product, service, or anything else representing monetary self-interest. Failure to comply will impact future consideration. Please direct any questions about this policy or a specific presentation to the IBSC Interim Executive Director at ahart@theIBSC.org.

Room Setup

Each workshop room will have the following standard room setup.

  • Classroom seating (30-50 seats)
  • Windows or Mac laptop connected to a digital projector.  Please bring your own appropriate adapter.
  • Blackboard and chalk
  • Internet connection

Presenter Expectations

IBSC remains committed to providing outstanding professional development opportunities for our members and attendees. IBSC is fortunate to work with presenters who understand and share this commitment to supporting IBSC and our member schools. This support provides the foundation for the depth and breadth of exceptional quality of education that our community expects and deserves and the IBSC reputation represents.

Workshop presenters must:

  • Obtain financial support from your school or organization for travel and expenses to attend the conference. This includes registration for the entire conference (one-day rates are not available). Conducting workshops is pro bono work. IBSC does not offer remuneration or honoraria to workshop presenters.
  • Register for the conference by April 1, 2022.
  • Make your own hotel and travel arrangements for the conference, for which you are financially responsible.
  • Submit workshop materials to be posted on the IBSC website prior to the conference. All materials must be in PDF format.  To save paper, IBSC posts workshop materials electronically only.
  • Serve as primary contact (if you are the lead presenter) and communicate all conference details, deadlines, and responsibilities with co-presenter(s).
  • Receive your final workshop room assignment from IBSC two weeks prior to the conference start date. IBSC reserves the right to change or adjust rooms and/or audio-visual equipment at any time at its sole discretion.

Application Deadline and Notice of Decision

  • Submit all proposals by December 15, 2021, at 12:00 noon EST.
  • By January 31, IBSC will contact all individuals who submitted a workshop proposal with the status of their proposals.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Ahart at ahart@theibsc.org.