2023 IBSC Annual Conference

2023 IBSC Annual ConferenceWestlake Boys High School

Auckland, New Zealand

July 5-8 

Emergency Information

First Aid
Throughout the conference find a registered nurse centrally located adjacent to the Westlake Boys High School Office. You may access our Health Centre, if required. Please direct all health concerns during business hours to nurse Donnah Penniall at +64 27 278 8558.

North Shore Public Hospital is a 5-minute drive from the school, as are other medical centers.

Lockdown/Campus Intruder
If an external threat to campus arises during the conference, the alarm will sound and loudspeakers will broadcast voice instructions.

Lockdown is signaled by a continuous intermittent bell.

Remain indoors or return to the nearest indoor space.

Lock all doors and windows.

Control movement and stay away from windows. Be seated on the floor.

Ensure unobstructed view into classroom to allow for visual inspection.

Remain indoors until “all clear” has been indicated by a WBHS staff member.

If you discover a fire, Dial 111. Ask for Fire Service.

Fire alarm is signaled by a continuous bell
Evacuate safely to the school fields until authorized to return.

Take cover under a sturdy table or desk.
Stay away from windows and heavy items.
Stay under cover until shaking stops.
Be ready for aftershocks.
Once shaking stops, instructions will be given to evacuate if necessary.

Emergency Services: Dial 111
Dial 111 for emergency services (police, fire, ambulance). The school’s address is 30 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill, Auckland 0620.