2024 IBSC Annual Conference

2024 IBSC Annual ConferenceHarrow School

Harrow on the Hill, London, United Kingdom

July 1-4

Join us for the 2024 IBSC Annual Conference in Harrow on the Hill, London, United Kingdom, July 1-4. Harrow School hosts us to explore the theme Tradition, Leadership, Innovation.

Join us to motivate boys’ educators to develop men for an uncertain future, encouraging boys to feel connected and engaged in their learning and with their community through leading lives of service and leadership. The conference focuses on the ways boys can contribute positively to social and environmental change in an ever-evolving, globalized world. The best schools reflect on their rituals and traditions while refining practices to ensure boys are real-world ready. Together we can positively impact boys’ education and develop connectedness and leadership in each student. 

Tradition, Leadership, Innovation