IBSC Annual Conference

The IBSC Annual Conference serves as the flagship of our growing professional development offerings. Each year it brings together more than 600 educators from around the world to champion boys' education, an important expression of our global mission and impact. This unique event stands out for its superior quality of speakers and sessions, creative inspiration of the program, warm hospitality of our host schools, and special opportunity to meet and share views with educators — like you — who remain steadfastly dedicated to equipping boys with the tools they need to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

IBSC grew out of the first major gathering of boys’ school leaders in June 1994 at Belmont Hill School (United States). At this precursor to the official IBSC Annual Conference held every year since (twice virtually during the pandemic), dedicated boys’ educators officially launched the International Boys’ Schools Coalition and selected Richard Hawley as our first board president.