IBSC Annual Conference

The IBSC Annual Conference serves as the flagship of our growing professional development offerings. Each year it brings together more than 600 educators from around the world to champion boys' education, an important expression of our global mission and impact. This unique event stands out for its superior quality of speakers and sessions, creative inspiration of the program, warm hospitality of our host schools, and special opportunity to meet and share views with educators — like you — who remain steadfastly dedicated to equipping boys with the tools they need to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

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2021 IBSC Annual Conference, Dallas, Texas, United States, "Path to Manhood"

2021 IBSC Annual Conference

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, Texas, United States
June 27 - 30

The 2021 IBSC Annual Conference occurs Sunday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 30 at St. Mark's School, Dallas, Texas.

2020 IBSC Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain, "Connecting the Dots"

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2020 IBSC Annual Conference

Viaró School

Barcelona, Spain

July 8 – 11

The 2020 IBSC Annual Conference occurs Wednesday, July 8 – Saturday, July 11 at Viaró Global School, Barcelona, Spain.

2019 IBSC Annual Conference, Quebec, Canada, "Boys and the Arts: Great Minds, Big Hearts"

2019 IBSC Annual Conferene Logo

The 2019 IBSC Annual Conference occurs Wednesday, June 26 – Saturday, June 29 at Selwyn House School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2018 IBSC Annual Conference, Southport, Australia, "Our Boys, Their Future: Learning to Lead"

2018 AC Logo

The 2018 IBSC Annual Conference occurs 8-11 July 2018 at the Southport School on Australia's Gold Coast. Join us to explore the conference theme Our Boys, Their Future: Learning to Lead.

2017 IBSC Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, "Beyond Innovation"

2017 AC Logo

The 2017 IBSC Annual Conference takes place at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland, United States 25-28 June. Join us to explore the theme Beyond Innovation: Creativity | Discovery | Engagement.

2016 IBSC Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, "Boys as Global Citizens"

2016 AC Logo

The 2016 IBSC Annual Conference took place 26-29 June at St. George's School in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Please visit the 2016 Annual Conference archive for complete conference digest.

2015 IBSC Annual Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, "Lessons from Madiba"

2015 AC Logo

With over 650 registered attendees, the 2015 Annual Conference was a resounding success that exceeded all expectations. Educators from around the globe—spanning 12 countries and 5 continenents—came together to explore best practices in teaching boys, engage in lively discsussions, kindle friendships old and new, and share in the melting pot that is Cape Town, South Africa.

Review the conference archive which includes workshop materials, audios from plenary sessions, and the program booklet.

2014 IBSC Annual Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, United States, "Building Boys into Good Men"

2014 AC Logo

Visit the conference archive workshop materials, program, and conference videos and photos.

The theme of the conference,Building Boys into Good Men, was the launching pad that helped focus an exploration of best practices for teaching boys. Underlying the entire social aspect of the event was a focus on the many types of music for which Nashville is famous.

2013 IBSC Annual Conference, Richmond, Virginia, United States, "Brother to Brother"

2013 AC Logo

The theme of the 2013 IBSC Annual Conference, Brother to Brother: Looking In, Reaching Out, helped focus an exploration of best practices for teaching boys now — at this particular time in history, in this rapidly changing world we all share. Topics and themes woven through the conference program included social and emotional learning; character education; mentoring and leadership initiatives; local and global action and service learning; spirituality; and team work and collaboration.

Past IBSC Annual Conferences

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