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Mastery Practice in Teaching Boys
One Schoolhouse - Online Class

Experienced teachers, continue your professional growth on the journey to becoming a master teacher in a boys' school. Boost your expertise in best practices for teaching boys and creating an optimal learning environment for them. Gain guidance on essential elements of mastery teaching for boys, including:

  • Foundational Relationships: Reflect on the ways strong relationships with students lay a foundation for teaching that both challenges and supports boys in their growth.
  • Cultivating Professional Character: Identify strengths and areas for growth among the four leadership functions of mastery teaching.
  • Building Classroom Climate: Determine what kind of classroom climate you aspire to create and which aspects of climate-building are your strengths.
  • Conducting Intentionally Thoughtful Practice: Learn practices of mastery teaching in boys' schools and reflect on the use of these practices in your own class.
  • Cultivating Situational Judgment: Reflect on the practical implications of mastery teaching in classroom situations and identify ways to deliberately develop situational judgment.
  • Action Planning: Create a plan to journey toward mastery, identifying challenges you may face and resources you can access.