IBSC Learning to Be Well: Creating Healthy Schools for Boys

IBSC Learning to Be WellFall 2024

Crescent School

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Join us this fall at Crescent School (Canada) for the IBSC Learning to Be Well conference for teachers and leaders in boys' schools. Watch for exact dates coming soon.

In today's intricate, ever-evolving world, the commitment to developing boys’ character and purpose remains crucial. Boys’ schools must recognize the essential role they play in fostering environments where boys feel valued, understood, and well. Yet we know that men and boys are struggling to succeed, find purpose, and belong in a world bigger than themselves.

When boys feel well, valued, and known, they can learn and thrive. To build cultures of learning, connection, and belonging, school leaders must identify the skills and strategies that support optimal well-being practices for those who mentor and guide our boys through their learning journey. This is paramount for them to model similar approaches for their students.

Share best practices and strategies to enhance the well-being of boys’ educators and support this learning in schools.