IBSC Ideas Lab

Professional Conversations for Heads of Boys’ Schools in North America

Starting October 31, 2022


IBSC Ideas Lab invites heads and principals of member schools in North America to connect virtually using the free online tool Zoom. Limited to 12 participants plus the facilitator, this IBSC Ideas Lab includes three one-hour sessions for participants to discuss relevant topics. 

Designed as an interactive exchange among colleagues, IBSC Ideas Lab engages dedicated educators who learn and grow together. Before each session, participants watch a 10-minute introduction from a global guest to jumpstart a facilitated conversation on the topic. Together we surface fresh ideas and build mutual support structures and enduring professional friendships.

Available exclusively to IBSC member schools, first-time participants who can commit to joining all three sessions get preference in registration to support the success of each small group.

Who Should Attend?

Heads and principals of IBSC member schools in North America


IBSC Ideas Lab attendees participate in three scheduled one-hour calls using Zoom. Byron Hulsy, headmaster, Woodberry Forest School (United States), facilitates each session with thought-provoking input from guest presenters who contextualize each topic. 

Conversation Topics

Conversation 1
Wellness and Well-Being in Boys’ Schools 
Monday, October 31, 3:00 PM EDT

How do you prioritize your own well-being and present an effective role model for your staff and boys to do the same? Join leaders to discuss caring for yourself, managing stress, creating healthy cultures, practicing mindfulness, enhancing faculty wellness, and sustaining leadership energy.

Conversation 2
Belonging in Boys' Schools
Tuesday, November 7, 3:00 PM EST

How does your school think about belonging for all boys? What does your school do to create a sense of belonging for all stakeholders in your community? How do you equip and empower members of staff to create a sense of belonging in their spheres of influence? What are some of the obstacles you and your school face when designing and practicing intentional inclusion? How have you overcome these obstacles? Join leaders to discuss the promotion of belonging in boys’ schools, including racial equity, gender diversity, and healthy masculinity.

Conversation 3
Responsible Sexual Citizenship: The Challenges Facing Boys 
Monday, November 14, 3:00 PM EST

In 2017, IBSC partnered with McGill University Professor Ada L. Sinacore, director of the Social Justice and Diversity Research Lab, to conduct a study on Responsible Sexual Citizenship in Today's World: The Challenges Confronting Boys. Explore how boys’ schools can think about responsible sexual citizenship in today’s world. Join leaders to discuss boys and consent, digital responsibility, comprehensive sexuality education for boys, and sexual citizenship program development in boys’ schools.


IBSC member rate: US $150

Refund Policy

IBSC will refund 90% of registration fees if a written request is received two weeks prior to the class. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this time. Schools seeking to register an alternate to replace a participant unable to attend should contact IBSC@theibsc.org.

Please note: Participants will receive detailed call information and meeting invitations after registration closes.