IBSC Ideas Lab

Professional Conversations About Boys and Sports

November 4, 11, and 18, 2021 


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IBSC Ideas Lab invites sports and athletic staff in member schools to connect virtually using the free online tool Zoom. Limited to 12 participants plus the facilitator, this IBSC Ideas Lab includes three one-hour sessions for participants to discuss relevant topics.

Designed as an interactive exchange among colleagues, IBSC Ideas Lab engages dedicated educators who learn and grow together. Before each session, participants watch a 10-minute introduction from a global guest to jumpstart a facilitated conversation on the topic. Together we surface fresh ideas and build mutual support structures and enduring professional friendships.

Available exclusively to IBSC member schools, first-time participants who can commit to joining all three sessions get preference in registration to support the success of each small group.

Who Should Attend?

Sports and athletic staff in IBSC member schools


IBSC Ideas Lab attendees participate in three scheduled one-hour calls using Zoom. Jo Hackett, director of sport at Loughborough Schools Foundation (United Kingdom), facilitates each session with thought-provoking input from guest presenters who contextualize each topic. 

Conversation Topics


Conversation 1
The Role of Sports in the Education of Boys 
Guest Presenter: Craig Hoyer
Thursday, November 4, 10:00 AM EDT, 2:00 PM GMT, 4:00 PM SAST

What role do sports play in the education of boys? Brooke de Lench writes, “It is well-established that boys benefit from playing sports. Indeed, some experts contend that, given the way they are hard-wired, boys need sports and competition.”

Join a global cohort of sports and athletic staff from boys’ schools as we discuss the educational benefits of sports in boys’ schools. We will highlight the physical, emotional, academic, and social benefits of positive athletic programs in boys’ schools. We’ll also delve into the principles boys’ schools need to consider when designing educationally sound sports programs.

Conversation 2
The Impact of School Sports Coaches on the Growth and Development of Boys 
Guest Presenter: Paul Strang 
Thursday, November 11, 9:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM GMT, 4:00 PM SAS

For many schoolboy sportsmen, their coaches are a significant influence, providing guidance, leadership, and also comfort when needed. Many good coaches have a lasting impact beyond the sport-specific skills they impart to the boys in their care.

Join colleagues to speak about the development of coaching philosophies that benefit boys, the role of teacher/coaches in school sports, the skills that any good coach should aspire to impart, and how schools can attract, retain, and develop athletic staff who buy into their vision to educate the whole boy.

Conversation 3
The Challenges Faced by Sporting Programs in Boys’ Schools 
Guest Presenter: Krinesan Moodley
Thursday, November 18, 9:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM GMT, 4:00 PM SAST

Join colleagues to highlight the challenges faced by sporting programs in boys’ schools. Share how your school is facing these challenges and unearth solutions together. Encourage fellow sports staff members in their roles as they educate and develop the boys in their care.

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Registration has reached full capacity for this IBSC Ideas Lab. Please check back soon for more opportunities.

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