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Headways for Heads of School at All-Boys and All-Girls Schools 2019-20

Creating Shared Learning Spaces and Experiences

Headways™ connects school leaders virtually, using the video-conferencing tool Zoom, to discuss operational issues relevant to their post. IBSC partners with the National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) in this special online class. Gather for small-group, hour-long, facilitated conversations throughout the school year to discuss pre-arranged and time-sensitive topics. The program includes a similar number of participants from all-boys and all-girls schools co-facilitated by Tara Kinsey, head of Hewitt School (United States), and John Botti, head of The Browning School (United States).

Watch for exact dates and times for the five discussions in August.

Get more details about this year’s topics from the NCGS website.

Registration for Headways™ opens soon.