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The Self-Motivated Boy: Developing Future-Ready Leadership in the Classroom

October 15 – November 8, 2019


In our modern world, anything that can be automated will be. We must consider the 21st century the “Conceptual Era” — the era of ideas, innovation, and social leadership. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) names stress the No. 1 health epidemic of our modern world. Stress directly impedes the generation of ideas and social leadership. Each day, educators face the challenge of navigating these two opposing realities. How can we best develop the key future-ready skills required for success in our rapidly changing, fast-paced, ultracompetitive, and highly connected modern world?

Join fellow boys’ educators in this global online class led by psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Shimi Kang. Drawing on irrefutable science and unforgettable stories, Dr. Kang illuminates the latest research-based methods for developing the new future-ready intelligence called Consciousness Quotient (CQ). CQ encompasses communication, collaboration, critical thinking, contribution, and creativity.

Dr. Shimi Kang is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and author of the 2016 U.S. News International Book Award Winner and internationally acclaimed book The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Kang using her book as a guide to:

  1. Understand modern-day lifestyle, pressures, and consequences of the opposing forces of stress and future-ready skills.
  2. Learn the most effective interpersonal teaching/coaching tools for boys that lead to self-motivation, adaptability, and CQ.
  3. Discover effective teaching/coaching activities for boys that lead to innovation, leadership, and wellness.
  4. Apply practical techniques and tools in the classroom setting while receiving support and guidance including lesson plans that can immediately be applied in a school setting.

Class Format

Engage on your own flexible timetable in this four-week long, asynchronous online journey through Dr. Kang’s best-selling book. Each week Dr. Kang frames the lessons of The Self-Motivated Kid through an educator’s lens. She offers:

  • Thoughts and questions for educators to consider while reading the text;
  • Precise resources for educators that help you go beyond the book through research, articles, videos, and columns specific to the role of educators in boys’ lives;
  • A case study to explore with fellow boys’ educators in the class; and
  • A captivating discussion around a central question or theme in the reading.

Past participants say it's essential to buy the book. You can easily buy The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids as an ebook, audiobook, hardcover, or paperback.

If you have yet to read The Self-Motivated Kid / The Dolphin Parent, expect to spend five to six hours per week engaged in the class. If you already read the book, then plan to spend three to four hours each week. Classes run asynchronously, so there is no specific time each week when you must attend online — you choose to participate whenever it’s most convenient for you. Classwork and assignments for each unit open Monday morning; please complete this work by the following Sunday evening. Grace periods are given, but interaction proves more effective when the entire class works on the same topic.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

About Shimi Kang, Class Facilitator

Dr. Shimi Kang is an award-winning, Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, media expert, writer, and keynote speaker. She is the author of The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids (Penguin Randomhouse 2014) and The Self-Motivated Kid: How to Raise Happy, Healthy Children Who Know What They Want and Go After It (Without Being Told) (Penguin Tarcher 2015). A No. 1 bestseller, The Dolphin Parent won the 2015 U.S. News International Book Award in Parenting and Family Category, and has been translated and released in 10 countries. Major media outlets feature Dr. Kang’s articles and appearances on topics such as mental health, motivation, and optimal performance, including The Huffington Post, CBC, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, South China Morning Post, and TIME magazine.

An adolescent addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Kang currently serves as Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver community and as a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. She has helped countless children, adolescents, and adults move toward positive behaviors and better health. Dr. Kang received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, and the 2016 YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for her years of outstanding community service in health and wellness. She is the proud mother of three amazing and exhausting children — including two boys!


Class Reviews

"If you want to spark or increase your abilities to motivate your students... this is the class!" — Renzo Forlin, Colegio Alpamayo (Peru)

"This class gets you to think about theoretical and practical ways to invest in boys' education and promote self-motivation." — Meredith Wilson, Sacred Heart School of Halifax (Canada)


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