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Professional Conversations for Admissions and Communications Professionals in Boys’ Schools in North America



Jacob GeigerJacob Geiger

Jacob Geiger has served as director of strategic communications at Woodberry Forest School (United States) since 2016, and also serves as the school's journalism teacher. Currently a member of the IBSC Program Committee, he is a graduate of the IBSC Action Research cohort that explored Boys and Storytelling.







Janetta LienJanetta Lien

Janetta (Janet) Lien is assistant head of school and director of enrollment at The Browning School (United States). An educator for over 20 years and a science teacher by training, she found her way into admissions because she enjoys sharing Browning's story and the power of boys' education with prospective families. Lien is a member of the IBSC Program Committee and serves as an advisor in the IBSC Action Research program.