Responsible Sexual Citizenship

In Today’s World: The Challenges Facing Boys


April 8 – May 3, 2024

An IBSC Online Classonline class


Administrators and teachers in boys’ schools, delve into the challenges boys face in becoming responsible sexual citizens. Based on the IBSC research report led by Ada Sinacore, get guidance on essential elements of improving boys’ understanding of responsible sexual citizenship.

Take advantage of this opportunity to:

  • Explore recent research into current programming and programmatic needs related to sexual citizenship and digital responsibility in boys’ schools.
  • Gain practical insight into applying the eight recommendations of this research in your school:
  1. Applying a Sexual Citizenships Framework
  2. Institutional Assessment, School Climate, and Environmental Messages
  3. Program Planning, Evaluation, and Updating
  4. Early Intervention and Scaffolding
  5. Comprehensive and Integrated Curriculum
  6. Parental Engagement and Education
  7. Professional Development for School Personnel
  8. Students’ Needs and Development

Class Format

Classes run asynchronously, so there is no specific time each week when you must attend online. Plan to spend at least 3-5 hours each week the class is in session. Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and engage in discussion with colleagues.


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Class Facilitator

Ashley Waggoner

Ashley Waggoner

Ashley Waggoner teaches fifth grade math, STEM, English, and outdoor education at Selwyn House School (Canada). She participated in the 2017-18 IBSC Action Research program in which she investigated the connection among boys, gardening, and adaptability. Waggoner centers her classroom around relationship building, engaging her students in tough conversations, and experiential learning. She has worked closely with Ada Sinacore to implement a framework for sexual citizenship in her teaching.