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Mastery Workshop Materials


Presenter Names and Workshop Title


Monday Workshop #3

Philip SA Cummins, CIRCLE, Australia

Measuring Character Education Programs: Well-Intentioned Inputs and Unclear Outputs?

Cummins-p_IBSC Measuring Character Education Programs Presentation June 2013.pdf

Monday Workshop #4

Mike Grenier, Eton College, UK

Time for Slow Education

Grenier-m_IBSC 2013.pptx




Grenier-m_TES article.docx

Tuesday Workshop #4

John Botti & Len Armstrong, Landon School, USA

Locating Significance: The Pursuit of Purpose with Dr. Adam Cox

Botti_IBSC Presentation--Adam Cox.pptx

Tuesday Workshop #5

Kean Broom & Bruce Collins, St Albans College, South Africa

The Good Man

Broom-Collins_Good Manifesto

Tuesday Workshop #7

Abigail Norfleet James, University of Virginia, USA

Teaching All Boys: Practical Strategies for Teachers in Co-ed and Single-Gender Classes

James_Effective Schools-handout.pptx

James_Teaching All Boys-handout.pptx

Tuesday Workshop #8

Benjamin Keeler, Edumetrics Consulting, USA

Assessing Character In Schools: Where We Are and Where Technology Can Take Us



Tuesday Workshop #10

James McMillan, Selwyn House School, Canada

Boys and Their Schools - Life Long Relationship Building

McMillan-J_Boys and Their Schools- Life-long Relationship Building.pdf

Tuesday Workshop #12

Dorothy Suskind, St. Christopher's School, USA

Boy Writers: What’s Gender Got To Do With It?


INSPIRE Session Materials


Presenter Names and Workshop Title


Monday INSPIRE - 4: Character Ed

Bill O'Neill, University School, USA

Educational Athletics: Having Boys Commit to Athletic Excellence and Sportsmanship


Oneil-w_GOLF DOC.pdf

Oneil-w_GOOD PAR & SPORTS.pdf

Monday INSPIRE - 7: Self-Awareness/Reflection

Matt Golenor & Mike Davidson, Montgomery Bell Academy, USA

Creating the "Light Bulb" Moment Through Mathematical Puzzles

Golenor-Davidson_Boys School Conference 2013.ppt

Monday INSPIRE - 7: Self-Awareness/Reflection

Fr. Michael Twigg O.M.I., Mazenod College, Australia

Chess: Thought is the Toughest Sport

Twigg-m_Mazenod Chess IBSC Virginia.pptx

Twigg-m_Student ZProfile.pdf

Twigg-m_Year 7 Program.pdf

Monday INSPIRE - 8: Empathy

Manfred von Vulte, Northmount School, Canada

Comic Books and Other Hooks, Reluctant Readers and Writers: A New Paradigm from the 4th Dimension of Learning


Monday INSPIRE - 9: Professional Learning

Cameron Paterson, Shore School, Australia

Making Teacher Learning Visible

Paterson-c_Listening Across Borders IBSC.pptx

Monday INSPIRE - 10: Relational Learning

Paul Fleischack, Michaelhouse, South Africa

The Extended Journey in Nature: Where Boys and Men Connect

Fleishack-p_Inspire Presentation- Paul Fleischack on Relational Learning.ppt

Monday INSPIRE - 10: Relational Learning

John Perryman & Nick Sberna, St. Mark's School of Texas, USA

The Pecos Trip: Building Community and Character through Outdoor Education

Sberna-n_Handout for St. Mark's Pecos Presentation IBSC 2013.pdf

Monday INSPIRE - 11: Student Collaboration

Ned Harris, Gilman School, USA

Collaboration and Creativity Through Filmmaking in the Classroom

Harris-n_Examples of Short Films Gilman School.pdf

Harris-n_Ned Harris Filmmaking PPt.pdf

Monday INSPIRE - 14: Mentoring/Leadership

Bill Brady, Ron Duska, & Jay Brown, The Haverford School, USA

Developing Servant Leadership in the Lower School with Students, Teachers, and Parents

Haverford Leadership

Monday INSPIRE - 15: Self-Awareness/Reflection

Jason Goopy, Brisbane Boys' College, Australia

Holistic Boys' Education Through Daily Music Lessons

Goopy-j_ - Holistic boys education through daily music lessons.pdf

Monday INSPIRE - 17: Student Collaboration

Laura Ambrogi & Renee Fraine, St. Christopher's School, USA

Battle of the Books: Motivating Boys to Read

Battle of the Books Prezi Presentation

Battle of the Books PowerPoint

Tuesday INSPIRE - 2: Mentoring/Leadership

Matt Macoustra & Rod Kefford, Barker College, Australia

Men for Others: Middle School Boys as Servant Leaders

Macoustra-Kefford_IBSC 2013 draft to HM.pptx

Tuesday INSPIRE - 5: Student Collaboration

Marie-Line Allen, Saint Augustine High School, USA

Project-Based Learning and Social Engagement

Line-Allen-m_Building a Future-Construire un Avenir


Line-Allen_m_The IRC in San Diego

Tuesday INSPIRE - 5: Student Collaboration

Betsy Tyson, St. Christopher's School, USA

Saints41004100: Shared Passions Lead to Interactive Giving

Tyson-e_Saints41004100 pptx

Tuesday INSPIRE - 7: Self-Awareness/Reflection

Don Kawasoe, Upper Canada College, Canada

Student-Led Conferences: Boys and Self Advocacy

Kawasoe-d_IBSC UCC student conferences - shared version 2013.pdf

Kawasoe-d_Student Led Four Page V07.pdf

Tuesday INSPIRE - 8: Student Collaboration

David Grant & Marcella Fioroni, Crescent School, Canada

Robotics: Inspiring Relationships, Leadership, and Learning

Grant-d_Inspire Robotics IBSC 2013-Supplementary material for delegates.pdf

Tuesday INSPIRE - 9: Professional Learning

David Carroll, StJoseph's College Gregory Terrace, Australia

The Art of Interviewing

Carroll-d_The Art of Interviewing - prep sheet.docx

Carroll-d_The Art of Interviewing 2.pdf

Tuesday INSPIRE - 9: Professional Learning

Milton Cujes, Trinity Grammar School, Australia

Swap with a Parent: Parents Trading Places with Their Children for the Day

Cujes-m_SWAP DAY Ibsc.pptx

Tuesday INSPIRE - 12: Global Experience

Cecilia Lobato-Eppler, Dia Matthews, & Erica Hudson, Gilman School, USA

How to Implement Global Studies in a Boys School Environment: Using Foreign Language as a Springboard to Making Global Connections

Lobato-eppler-c_ibsc_global_presentation_2013 a.pdf