Bohnen Session

Workshop Block 3
Tuesday 28 June, 11:00 AM

Aaron Bohnen

Aaron Bohnen is a senior science teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, BC. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Mr. Bohnen is a National Science and Engineering Research Council Post-Graduate Scholar and recipient of a University of British Columbia Teaching Award. Aaron is an early adopter of technology in education, and loves to invent and experiment and bring the applications of science, mathematics and engineering to life for students. Mr. Bohnen is also an author and conference speaker, and continues to work in engineering and as an educational publishing consultant.

Workshop: Using Technology to Make You the Teacher's Life Better

Modeling and mirroring relationships and attitudes between teachers and students is perhaps the most enduring effect of our teaching vocation. Our students take away from their experience a sense of who we are, what we stand for and how we've made them feel. Imagine having more time and energy to bring to that part of your work when you spend less effort on the peripheral tasks surrounding teaching! Technology can help reduce the burden and allow you to spend more of your time and energy doing what matters most in your professional and personal life. Aaron Bohnen has been developing means to make technology work for teachers, and he is keen to share some immediately practical ways to technology can help reduce your burden, free up your time and improve your life as a teacher.