Locke Session

Workshop Block 1
Monday, 10:45 AM

Jake Locke

Jake Locke is a UBC Clinical Professor on Active Staff at BC Children's Hospital for the past 20 years. He graduated from St. George's School in 1973 before attending UBC for his undergraduate degree and Medical School education. He then worked as a Family Physician for 8 years in Kelowna before returning to specialize in Child Psychiatry. Dr Locke currently works in the Outpatient Clinic at BCCH in the Urgent Assessment Clinic and Mood & Anxiety Clinic. He provides Outreach service to Vernon, Merritt, Kamloops and Quesnel. He teaches Medical students & Residents, and is currently involved in 4 Mindfulness Based Research studies at BCCH (1. Mindfulness for Adolescents in Distress 2. Incorporating Mindfulness into a Behavioural Program for Parents who have children with ADHD 3. Mindfulness for Male Partners of Women with Peri-Partum Mental Health Issues and 4. Mindfulness for Medical Students). Recently he has taken a position at Physician Health Program seeing Physicians. He also works at the St. Paul's Hospital Inner City Youth Program for homeless youth and this includes a Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention group.

Workshop: Mindfulness Training in the Classroom

This will be a didactic and experiential presentation about how Mindfulness can help distressed adolescents and also help create resilience in their teachers. Dr. Locke will begin with an overview of Mindfulness. He will then review the research evidence that strongly supports using Mindfulness as a set of tools / strategies that can assist adolescents in dealing with distress (depression, anxiety, pain, chronic illness). He will discuss how these same approaches can be used by teachers to deal with their stresses in life and help prevent "burnout." Several experiential mindfulness exercises will be integrated into the presentation.