Lowry Session

Workshop Block 5
Wednesday, 10:15 AM

Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry is a nationally and Internationally known Geography and Geospatial Technologies Educator. As a Geography consultant with the Toronto District School Board and President of “the Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education” Mark has more than 25 years’ experience infusing Geotechnologies and spatial literacy into Ontario’s and other curricula worldwide. His Major foci have been on the infusion of specific 21century skills and technologies into Geography, Science, and Social studies curricula to inspire critical thinking. Beside his major task of Training Teachers, Mark has been involved in the creation of a range of curricula and competencies worldwide. These include curriculum design for Ontario, Canada (Geography Standards) and work in specific countries such as Jordan and Hong Kong. As a Fellow in the Royal Canadian Geography Society, Mark has a passion for connecting spatial parameters “the where” with other facets of the educational process. This is especially true when we bring the concepts of Sustainability, Stem, and Inquiry into the mainstream of Educational philosophy. Students need to bring practical skills into their ability to decipher the complexities of their everyday world

Workshop: Sustainability, STEM, and Spatial Skills – Connecting the “What” with the “Where”

Focus will be on the underlying concepts of sustainability, the inquiry focus of STEM and the specific 21st century spatial technology skills needed to meet the outcome of secondary school curricula.

This workshop brings together the various facets that are required to be critical thinker in this age of sustainability and some of the educational tools needed. A focus will be on those spatial tools including Google maps and ArcGIS.