Witterick Session

Workshop Block 4
Tuesday 28 June, 3:00 PM

Jenny Witterick

Jenny Witterick is a graduate of the business school at Western University. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Past President of the CFA Society of Toronto. She was a partner at Hamblin Watsa Investment Counsel, which was founded by the highly regarded Prem Watsa. Jenny also founded Sky Investment Counsel, where she served as President and portfolio manager. Sky Investment Counsel managed over $1.8 billion in assets. Jenny changed her career in 2014 and now focuses on writing books, music, and screenplays. She recently produced a show called "Journey to Happiness", which played at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto. She is passionate about animals and devotes much of the proceeds of her creative work to their benefit..

Workshop: Who We Become is a Choice

You don't have to be extraordinary to make a difference, you can become extraordinary by making a difference. International best selling author J.L. Witterick discusses how it is our everyday decisions which determine our character and ultimately our destiny. Her novel "My Mother's Secret", based on a true holocaust story and told from the narratives of four young people, examines how our choices determine who we become. Published in nine languages, the book is used as an education tool in schools across North America and Europe. Ms. Witterick has provided a copy of the book as a gift for the participants of this conference.