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2017 IBSC Annual Conference

The Boys' Latin School of Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
25 – 28 June 2017

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Workshop Block 4 – Action Research

Tuesday , 27 June 2017, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning Workshop Presentations

With increasing demand for 21st century skills in the workplace, it is vital that educators equip young men with the skills needed to navigate a changing world. In particular, boys must learn to work in a team structure, which often proves more valuable than technical skills. To this end, projects undertaken in the 2016-17 cycle of the IBSC Action Research Program focused on encouraging boys to harness the power of collaboration and group learning, where team members actively engage in solving problems and generating new ideas, together producing outcomes impossible to achieve had they worked as individuals.

Based on the needs and interests of their schools, professional reading, and online discussions within the IBSC research community, the action researchers designed small-scale projects to conduct in their schools. While acknowledging that each student and every school is unique, the researchers strive to inspire you with the findings of their projects presented here in Baltimore. They share their proven ideas and strategies to help you undertake similar projects in your own school, highlighting the vital importance of collaboration and group learning.

Margot Long
2016-17 IBSC Action Research Coordinator
Second Mistress – Academics
St. John’s Preparatory School (South Africa)

Presentation Group 1

Room: 229

Participating in Collaborative Problem-Solving to Encourage Perseverance in Math Learning Among Year 5 Boys
Presenter: Chloe Collett, The Scots College (Australia)

Focusing on Peer Feedback to Improve Collaborative Learning in Mathematics for Year 5 Boys
Presenters: James Gleeson and Greg Tier, Brisbane Grammar School (Australia)

Presentation Group 2

Room: 230

Using Guided Reflection to Enhance the Power of Group Learning in Year 6 Boys
Presenter: Jody Henry, Christ Church Grammar School (Australia)

Participating in Collaborative Problem-Solving Activities in Mathematics to Develop Resilience in Third Grade Boys
Presenter: Rebecca Giordano Dreisbach, The Boys' Latin School of Maryland (United States)

Presentation Group 3

Room: 231

Using Intentional Group Reflection and Discussion to Foster Confidence and Positive Attitudes Towards Mathematics for 12th Grade Boys
Presenter: Molly Mullally, The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland (United States)

Participating in a Group Learning Project to Encourage Risk Taking in Year 10 Boys
Presenter: Jocelyn D’Arcy, Warwick School (United Kingdom)

Presentation Group 4

Room: 234

Observing Year 6 Boys During Mathematical Problem-Solving Activities to Enable Year 11 Boys to Identify and Promote Effective Collaboration Skills
Presenters: Mark Langan and Julius Wong, St. Kevin’s College (Australia)

Examining the Effects of Grade 11/12 Environmental Studies Students Participating in Collaborative Two-Stage Testing
Presenter: Norm Kaethler, St. George’s School (Canada)

Presentation Group 5

Room: 236

Focusing on Student Reflection to Enhance Collaborative Learning in High School Chemistry Lab Groups
Presenter: Katie Walp, St. Augustine High School (United States)

Supporting the Development of the 21st Century Skill of Collaboration of Senior Boys Working in Science Lab Groups
Presenters: Courtney Turner and Lisa Bonney, Upper Canada College (Canada)

Presentation Group 6

Room: 238

Explicitly Teaching Collaborative Skills in a Study of Macbeth to Enhance Powerful Group Learning and Understanding for Year 7 Boys
Presenter: Anita Trolese, St. John’s Preparatory School (South Africa)

Building Trust During a Collaborative Dramatic Study of Shakespeare to Enhance Engagement for Year 9 English Students
Presenter: James McLeod, The Hutchins School (Australia)

Presentation Group 7

Room: 240

Implementing an Emotional Intelligence Development Program to Enhance Collaborative Skills in Year 9 Boys
Presenter: Jeffrey Grundy, The Scots College (Australia)

Using Role Selection Within a Collaborative Assignment to Enhance Grade 7 English Boys’ Engagement
Presenters: Will Murphy and Renzo Forlin, Colegio Alpamayo (Peru)

Presentation Group 8

Room: 1

Using a Collaborative Charter for Group Learning Projects to Encourage the Development of Year 8 Boys' Collaborative Skills
Presenter: Matt Poynter, Dulwich College (United Kingdom)

Identifying Strengths in Eighth Grade Boys to Enhance Collaborative Skills in a Competitive Environment
Presenters: Maggie Raines and Roderick Russ, Montgomery Bell Academy (United States)

Presentation Group 9

Room: Library

Learning About Personality Traits to Assist Grade 6 Gifted Boys to Be Productive Members of a Collaborative Learning Group
Presenter: Cath Hogan, The Hutchins School (Australia)

Using an Understanding of Individual Mind Patterns to Enhance Collaborative Intelligence Within Grade 8 Boys' Learning Groups
Presenter: Isabelle Moore, Crescent School (Canada)

Presentation Group 10

Room: 338

Using Constructive Controversy Methods to Aid Senior Boys’ Perspective-Taking Ability in Student-Led Literature Discussions
Presenter: Samantha Scheepers, St. Andrew’s College (Canada)

Using Phillips Exeter Academy's Harkness Technique to Enhance Listening Skills in Year 12 Mathematicians
Presenter: Nick Adams, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Presentation Group 11

Room: 333

Participating in Group Learning Tasks to Develop Resilience in Year 8 Boys
Presenter: Natasha Kremer, Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School (United Kingdom)

Raising Awareness of the Power of Consensus and Collaboration in Group Learning Activities to Encourage Grade 6 and 7 Boys to Embrace Different Perspectives
Presenter: Annette Briscoe, Durban Preparatory High School (South Africa)

Presentation Group 12

Room: 343

Working in Collaborative Learning Communities to Develop Year 7 Social Studies Students’ Ability to Create Deep Inquiry Questions
Presenters: Kellie Carpenter and Kurt Dorset, Saint Kentigern Boys’ School (New Zealand)

Developing a Culture of Empathy to Foster Interdependence Within Year 9 Technology Learning Groups
Presenter: Dave Arnall, Lindisfarne College (New Zealand)

Presentation Group 13

Room: 140

Incorporating Student-Established Norms Within a 12th Grade US Government Group Project to Foster Productive Collaboration
Presenter: Jeffrey Carroll, Malvern Preparatory School (United States)

Creating an Accountability Agreement for Learning Groups to Enable Boys to Develop Key Competencies for Collaboration
Presenter: Jacques Pienaar, St. Andrew’s College (South Africa)

Presentation Group 14

Room: 138

Changing the Language of Collaboration from Group to Team to Foster Collaborative Skills in High School Boys
Presenter: Diliana Popova, Crescent School (Canada)

Walking on Walls: Examining the Effect of Peer Mentoring on Team Dynamics in a Multilevel Chinese Classroom
Presenter: Lisa Miller, The Southport School (Australia)

Presentation Group 15

Room: 106

Using Gamification to Foster Year 6 Boys’ Collaborative Skills Within Learning Groups During Problem Solving in Mathematics
Presenter: Russel McCool, The King’s School (Australia)

Using SCRUM as a Collaborative Learning Method to Develop Team Problem-Solving Capabilities in Senior School Computer Science Students
Presenter: Philip Donaghy, Eton College (United Kingdom)

Presentation Group 16

Room: 129

Enhancing Communication Skills in Grade 9 Boys Through Participating in a Design Thinking Challenge
Presenter: Heather Frankiskos, St. Stithians Boys’ College (South Africa)

Using Experiential Education Scenarios to Foster Collaboration in the Classroom Setting for Ninth Grade Boys
Presenter: Austin Sutten, St. Christopher’s School (United States)

Presentation Group 17

Room: 331

Participating in a Philosophy for Children Community of Inquiry to Enhance Year 4 Boys’ Engagement with Reading
Presenter: Elaine Geraghty, Anglican Church Grammar School (Australia)

Focusing on Active Listening Strategies to Enhance Collaborative Writing Skills for 9-Year-Old Boys
Presenter: Lynn Terman, St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States)

Presentation Group 18

Room: 18

Examining the Impact of Collaborative Goal Setting on the Self-Efficacy of 10th Grade Students
Presenter: Timothy Golden, St. Augustine High School (United States)

Introducing a “Genius Hour” Project to Enhance Collaboration for Year 6 Boys
Presenter: Paul Harrington, Shore School (Australia)

Presentation Group 19

Room: 332

Using Philosophical Enquiry to Enhance Boys’ Ability to Actively Listen and Offer Constructive Feedback in the Year 9 Classroom
Presenter: Charles Bailey, Harrow School (United Kingdom)

Participating in Collaborative Problem-Solving Activities to Develop Accountability in Grade 9 Boys
Presenters: Veronica Ellis and Belinda Marais, St. David’s Marist Inanda (South Africa)