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2017 IBSC Annual Conference

The Boys' Latin School of Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
25 – 28 June 2017

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Themed Track

Thematically organized around the conference theme: Beyond Innovation: Creativity, Discovery, and Engagement, the one-hour workshops are grouped into three tracks. Scan each track to find workshops that address your area of interest. The 2016-17 Action Research cohort addresses the topic Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning.


Creativity is the muse that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen” The Star Spangled Banner” and the muse who whispered in the ears of jazz greats Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway. So too, creativity is the muse which inspires us to capture the imagination of our boys and our colleagues.

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Discovery is the spirit of exploration which led Baltimoreans to light the night in gas lamps and to explore the skies in the Hubble Space Telescope developed through Johns Hopkins University. So too, discovery is that same spirit of exploration that allows boys to approach the world with a spirit of wonder and awe, seeking greater connectedness and deeper understanding.

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Engagement reflects the courage and empathy required to lean into difficult conversations and tackle big issues. Engagement exists all over Baltimore, in public-private partnerships, in neighborhoods and community centers, and in corporate citizens seeking to make a difference. Engagement exists all throughout our schools as well. Whether it’s around discussions of masculinity, identity, or opportunity, engagement with our boys and with one another elevates our understanding, strengthens our communities and enhances our relationships.

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Collaboration and the Power of Group Learning Research

The 2016-17 cycle of the IBSC Action Research Program focused on encouraging boys to harness the power of collaboration and group learning, where team members actively engage in solving problems and generating new ideas, together producing outcomes impossible to achieve had they worked as individuals.

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