Workshop Block 3

Monday, July 9, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

2017-18 IBSC Action Research Presentations

You may download workshop materials from any presenter who shares them with us by clicking the link under the workshop description.

Adaptability in a Changing World

This workshop block offers two individual, 30-minute presentations on researchers’ work. A 10-minute break between the two presentations allows you to move rooms as desired.

3:00 - 3:30 PM

Adapting Knowledge: Role-Playing Interview Practice with Upper School Boys
Room: Dods 7

Presenter: Ben Ford, Dulwich College (United Kingdom)

Can Character Be Taught and Rewarded in the Classroom with Year 9 Boys?
Room: Dods 9
Presenter: Tom Elphinstone, Harrow School (United Kingdom)

CAMP’ing at a New School: Examining the Effects of a Cross-Age Mentoring Program for Grade 7 Boys
Room: Dods 4
Presenter: Grayson Holland, Belmont Hill School (United States)

Contract Grading: Reimagine the Power Dynamic in Your Classroom, Giving Year 9 Boys Increased Responsibility for Their Learning
Room: Dods 6

Presenter: Nolan LaVoie, Woodberry Forest School (United States)

Creating a Second-Language Classroom Culture that Promotes Risk-Taking in Grade 8 Boys

Room: Dods 12
Presenters: Kimberly Lynch and Mackenzie Neale, Sterling Hall School of Toronto (Canada)

Developing Academic Resilience in Year 6 Boys Through the Learning Pit
Room: Bennett 8
Presenter: Nickie Slater, Wellesley College (New Zealand)

Fostering Curiosity in Grade 5 Boys Through Inquiry-Based Learning
Room: Dods 10

Presenter: Lester Lalla, St. Stithians Boys' Preparatory School (South Africa)

Fostering Transformational Thinking Through Boys’ Service Learning
Room: Bennett 5

Presenter: Michael Waugh, Scotch College (Australia)

Heroes of the Pit: Encouraging Year 3 Boys to Respond Courageously to Newness and Uncertainty
Room: Dods 8

Presenter: Niav Fisher, Dulwich Prep London (United Kingdom)

Introducing Digital Devices for Reflection in Drama to Develop Emotional Confidence in Year 8 Boys
Room: Dods 3

Presenter: Polly Higgins, King Edward's School (United Kingdom)

The Key to Transformation: Looking at How the Introduction of P4C Encourages Empathy in Upper School Boys
Room: Dods 5

Presenter: Tracy Mackenzie, St. Alban's College (South Africa)

Lighting the Fire: The Impact of Genius Hour on Year 3 Boys’ Creativity and Critical Thinking
Room: Bennett 13
Presenters: Craig Newton and Joshua Beecher, The Southport School (Australia)

Managing Year 5 Mindset, Mastery, and Motivation in Mathematics: Adaptability to the Power of 3
Room: Bennett 14

Presenter: Deb McKay, Prince Alfred College (Australia)

Rehearsing Resilience: Developing Adaptability Through Role-Play in Sport with Grade 9 Boys
Room: Dods 11

Presenter: Kevin Leathem, Jeppe High School for Boys (South Africa)

Understanding Your Mindset: A Goal-Setting Tool for Grade 4 Boys
Room: Dods 13

Presenters: Ann Carlson and Gail Warren, St. Christopher's School (United States)

Handout: A Tool for Goal-Setting

3:40 - 4:10 PM

A Self-Directed Learning Approach to Promoting Resilience and Adaptability in Year 9 Boys
Room: Dods 8

Presenter: Nick Ognenis, Aquinas College (Australia)

Boys in the Garden: Planting the Seeds of Adaptability in Grades 5 and 6 Boys
Room: Dods 9
Presenter: Bruce Collins for Ashley Waggoner, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Confronting Agriculture: Encouraging Risk-Taking in Year 9 Boys
Room: Bennett 6
Presenter: Kym McMaster, The Scots College (Australia)

Critically Speaking: The Impact of Teaching Critical-Thinking Skills to Grade 9 Boys of Mixed Ability
Room: Dods 7
Presenters: Maretha Potgieter and David Molony, St. Andrew's College (South Africa)

Developing a Growth Mindset Through Facilitated Reflection During an Adventurous Journey with Year 12 Boys
Room: Bennett 8
Presenter: Liz Evans, Rathkeale College (New Zealand)

Developing Academic Resilience in Grade 8 Boys Through a Problem-Solving Course
Room: Dods 10

Presenter: Eugene Stolk, St. Stithians Boys' College (South Africa)

Embracing New Ideas on Masculinity Through the Production of a Film (Year 10 boys)
Room: Dods 4
Presenter: Andrew Lees, Shore School (Australia)

Enhancing Adaptability of Grade 9 Boys Through Task-Based Learning in an NGLS
Room: Dods 3
Presenter: Nicholas Little, The Scots College (Australia)

Failure Is the New Success: How Attitudes Toward Failure Affect Learning in Physical Education with Year 7 Boys
Room: Bennett 13
Presenter: Murray Smith, Lindisfarne College (New Zealand)

The Incorporation of a Mindful Minute at Cross Country Practice for Senior Boys
Room: Dods 13

Presenter: Christopher Heaton, The Roxbury Latin School (United States)

It’s Time to Stretch: A Look at How Visible-Thinking Routines Nurture Cognitive Flexibility
Room: Dods 6

Presenter: Melissa Tackaberry, St. Andrew's College (Canada)

Key and Essential Questions: Fostering Empathy by Developing a Multiple-Perspective Approach in Lower School Boys
Room: Dods 5
Presenter: Gord Wotherspoon, Crescent School (Canada)

Teaching Adaptability: Working with Digital Tools to Foster Confidence and Risk-Taking in Junior Boys
Room: Dods 12
Presenters: Robert Faltermeier and Damien Pitman, Jeppe High School for Boys (South Africa

Who’s in Charge? Examining How Meaningful Student Involvement Encourages Deeper Learning in Year 5 Boys
Room: Bennett 14
Presenters: Darren Fellowes and Sandra Gippel, The Southport School (Australia)

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