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2019 IBSC Annual Conference

Selwyn House School

Montréal, Québec, Canada
June 26 - 29

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Featured Studio Session 2

Select one featured studio session. All sessions take place at Selwyn House School.

Friday, June 28

9:15 – 10:15 AM

Bentwood Boxes and the Art of Telling Stories

Bentwood boxes are traditional containers made by First Nations people of the North American west coast. Create your own cardboard Bentwood-inspired box—with an additional personal twist.
Room: Coristine Hall

Vanessa Jothy
Vanessa Jothy, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Building the Character of Boys: A Prototype for Creative and Critical Thinking

After establishing the larger context of the educational framework proposed in Character Education in Schools for Boys, probe deeper to illuminate an innovative prototype for building out curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment for the core competency of “creative and critical thinking.” Draw on the advanced work of schools involved in our global network of schools for character. Engage colleagues to discuss the potential of this approach.

Rooms: MAC 5&6

Brad Adams
Brad Adams, CIRCLE
Phil Cummins
Philip Cummins, CIRCLE

Debating as a Learning Tool for the Arts

Get an introduction to debating at the high school level. Examine the features of a debate and how to use debating effectively in the classroom. Watch a live debate performed by the Selwyn House School Debate Team.

Room: Red Room Theatre

Jonathan Bracewell

Jonathan Bracewell, Selwyn House School (Canada)


Bucket Brigade: Everybody Thinks They Are a Drummer

Be a drummer and make a video so you can brag that when you came to Montréal, you did something you have always wanted to do! No experience required. You do not have to be able to read music, but you cannot be afraid to make some noise!

Room: MAC Gym

James McMillan

James McMillan, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Let's Talk About Sex...ual Citizenship

Gain an overview of the study entitled Responsible Sexual Citizenship in Today’s World: The Challenges Confronting Boys and get preliminary results from this IBSC study.
Room: Student Success Centre

Ada L. Sinacore

Ada L. Sinacore, McGill University

Neurodiversity and Unique Thinkers

Appreciate the strengths associated with having a "differently wired" brain and learn how unique thinkers offer much to the world. Mental diversity deserves as much respect and accommodation as any other type of diversity.

Room: Library

Devon MacEachron

Devon MacEachron, psychologist


Where the Wild Things Are: Safe Spaces in Outdoor Education

Get a broad overview of Selwyn House's Wild Outdoor Education program (grades 5-11). Delve into the role of reflection in outdoor education, embracing the concept of Indigenization and cultural awareness, developing a sense of place, and ultimately how these elements contribute to creating safe spaces for boys.

Room: Guzzo Family Tent

Cory Deegan

Cory Deegan
Selwyn House School (Canada)

Matt McCarney

Matt McCarney
Selwyn House School (Canada)

Confidence in Film

When an artist must decide who they want to become after graduation, they often feel overwhelmed. They need confidence and self-worth to thrive. Art allowed us, as filmmakers, to build confidence and forge our own paths. Making mistakes—and overcoming them—helps you believe in yourself. Creating opportunities for students to find their own solutions prepares them more than any hard skill; it builds confidence.
Room: Rossy Agora

Evren Boisjoli and Reid Hannaford
Evren Boisjoli, Selwyn House Old Boy 2008 (Canada)
Reid Hannaford, Selwyn House Old Boy 2012 (Canada)