2019 Annual Conference logo

2019 IBSC Annual Conference

Selwyn House School

Montréal, Québec, Canada
June 26 - 29

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Featured Studio Session 1

Select one featured studio session to attend. All sessions take place at Selwyn House School.

Thursday, June 27

2:45 – 3:45 PM

Bust a Move, Boost Your Mood!

Experience firsthand how impossible it is to be in a bad mood while dancing! Try simple choreography designed to improve muscle memory, coordination, and concentration. Fun guaranteed!

Room: Speirs Gym

Maurine Powers
Maureen Powers
Selwyn House School (Canada)
Clare Stewart
Clare Stewart
Selwyn House School (Canada)

Creating a Spark Through Experiential Learning

Experiential education (EE) lights a creative spark in the learning process. Experiential educators encourage students to create and innovate in an environment that celebrates making mistakes and taking risks, leading to new pathways. Jump in and join us for an hour of learning, active engagement, and reflection. Leave with a new appreciation of EE, a set of reflection/debriefing tools, and an array of examples of EE from three urban day schools.

Room: Student Success Centre

Sheryl Murray

Sheryl Murray
Crescent School (Canada)

Emma Totten
Emma Totten
Royal St. George's College (Canada)

Courtney Prieur

Courtney Prieur
Selwyn House School (Canada)

Examples of Experiential Education
Reflection Tools for Experiential Education

Showtime! Place au Spectacle

Like to sing and dance, but lack experience or time? Join us as we work together to produce a performance of a musical theater piece. Lots of fun, pleasure, and good humor await you! All are welcome, talented or not.

Room: Rossy Agora

Anne-Marie Blais

Anne-Marie Blais
Selwyn House School (Canada)

Close Connections: Maintaining Relationships with Old Boys

How do you keep old boys connected with their classmates, other old boys, and your staff? Find out how Selwyn House School stays in touch with its old boys, involves them in current school life, keeps them in contact with other old boys living near them, and informs them about the school. Engage with colleagues on the topic and share notes with each other to take back to your school.

Room: Coristine Hall

Hal Hannaford and James McMillan

Hal Hannaford and James McMillan, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Mental Health, Movie Magic

Join us for an interactive presentation demonstrating the power of movie making to help students learn more about mental health.

Rooms: MAC 5&6

Bill Bedard
Bill Bedard
Selwyn House School (Canada)
Ada L. Sinacore

Ada L. Sinacore
McGill University

Play! Write! The Logistics and Benefits of a 24-Hour Playwriting Competition

Explore the many pluses of organizing a 24-hour playwriting competition and discuss the logistics of hosting one.

Room: Red Room Theatre

Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin, Selwyn House School (Canada)

Poetry: Not Just for English Class Anymore

Poetry can enhance your subject matter in disciplines such as math, science, arts, and even physical education. Whether you teach elementary, middle, or senior school, get the tools to perk up your curriculum with poetry.

Room: Library

Carol-Ann Hoyte

Carol-Ann Hoyte, Selwyn House School (Canada)

The Power of Connection to Build Good Men

Examine the relational studies conducted with IBSC schools over the years and extend the relational perspective to rethinking boyhood, including insights from interpersonal neuroscience and strategies for dealing with developmental threats illustrated by research and clinical experience.

Room: MAC Gym

Michael Reichert

Michael Reichert, Center for the Study of Boys' and Girls' Lives