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2019 IBSC Annual Conference

Selwyn House School

Montréal, Québec, Canada
June 26 - 29

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IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

Please join us as we present the 2019 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award at the 2019 IBSC Annual Conference at Selwyn House School in Montréal, Québec, Canada. This year we look forward to honoring Minna Shulman.

Minna Shulman

2019 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Honoree

Minna Shulman

Dean of Students Minna Shulman retires this summer after 20 years at Selwyn House School (Canada). She moved to Canada in the late ‘80s from New York City where she headed programs and services for domestic violence victims, their abusers, and their children.

In the spirit of Tony Jarvis and Richard Hawley, Shulman’s written job description (given to her by beloved Headmaster Hal Hannaford) ensures the entire Selwyn House community feels known and loved. Her unwritten job description is to mind everyone’s business. In this area, she excels. A social worker and counselor by training, Shulman has always loved children—especially those who do not always comply, generally sees several sides of most issues, and keenly finds ways to support others.

From the first IBSC regional conference she attended, something clicked. Shulman quickly became involved in other regional conferences, joined the board of trustees in 2011, and helped facilitate the Mastery in Teaching Boys Workshops at the Buckley School (United States) and Eton College (United Kingdom). During her time as the head of the IBSC Research Committee, she worked with the committee on projects involving relational teaching, frameworks for character education, situational judgment assessments for faculty, and the framework for creating a sex-positive and boy-positive sexual citizenship curriculum. In 2017, Shulman and a team from Selwyn House hosted their first IBSC regional conference: Enhancing Boys’ Lives Through the Arts. The success of this conference gave them the confidence to bid to host the 2019 IBSC Annual Conference.

Besides checking up on IBSC and Selwyn House, Shulman has no set plans for what she will do during her retirement. She will surely be spending more time with her wonderful family—especially her three adorable grandchildren, Mo, Jo, and Lou!

History of the IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

In 1989, Dr. Richard Hawley, headmaster of University School (United States) in Cleveland, and Reverend Tony Jarvis, headmaster of the Roxbury Latin School (United States), met to discuss their mutual concerns about the future direction of boys’ schools. As a result they formed a group of similarly concerned leaders of boys’ schools to broaden the conversation and share ideas. Under their leadership the group founded the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) in 1995, with the goal to celebrate the lives and education of boys. Both experienced school leaders and master teachers, Hawley and Jarvis embody the spirit of servant leadership that inspires IBSC's work. In 2015, the IBSC board of trustees created this award to honor those whose selfless service furthers best practice in boys’ education and the professional development of those who educate boys.