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July 8 - 9

IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Award

We look forward to celebrating the 2020 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Awardee Margot Long at the IBSC Virtual Conference July 8.

Margot Long

2020 IBSC Hawley-Jarvis Honoree

Margot Long

An English teacher by trade, Margot Long has taught at nearly all grades in different schools, from year six to year 12. For the past 14 years, she has worked as deputy head of academics and staff learning at St. John's Preparatory School (South Africa). Margot first experienced the IBSC Action Research Program as a member of the 2008-09 team, researching the topic, “How can programs that promote safe, just, and inclusive classroom and school environments improve the learning experience for boys?” Her research report focused on programs that combat bullying in schools.

Participating on the global research team proved such a wonderful experience and making so many new friends that Margot decided to stay on, first as a team advisor and then as the program coordinator. She finds it easy to keep in touch across the world and says there is nothing better than hearing news from a team member or meeting up at the IBSC Annual Conference. The special friendships Margot established with the other four team advisors and her mentor Di Laycock have enriched her life, both professionally and personally. She has also learned so much about the importance of action research in schools to enable us to continue reviewing best practice in educating boys.

In July 2020, Margot will step down as program coordinator for the IBSC Action Research program. While we will miss her dearly, her legacy of leadership will live on through her fellow team leaders. We wish her well in her next adventure!


In 1989, Dr. Richard Hawley, headmaster of University School (United States) in Cleveland, and Reverend Tony Jarvis, headmaster of the Roxbury Latin School (United States), met to discuss their mutual concerns about the future direction of boys’ schools. As a result they formed a group of similarly concerned leaders of boys’ schools to broaden the conversation and share ideas. Under their leadership the group founded the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) in 1995, with the goal to celebrate the lives and education of boys. Both experienced school leaders and master teachers, Hawley and Jarvis embody the spirit of servant leadership that inspires IBSC's work. In 2015, the IBSC board of trustees created this award to honor those whose selfless service furthers best practice in boys’ education and the professional development of those who educate boys.

Selection Criteria

  • The award will be given to an employee of an IBSC member school who has faithfully offered transformational service to IBSC for a period of at least two years.
  • We seek to nominate and award those who serve in support roles rather than senior administrators.
  • Selection: IBSC trustees will review three finalists among the nominees submitted by the IBSC membership at large and select the awardee for recognition at the IBSC Annual Conference.


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