Virtual Conference Logo2020 IBSC Virtual Conference

July 8 - 9

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is hosting this event?
International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC)

What is the format of the conference?
The conference streams for 90 minutes each day at 5:00 PM EDT, on July 8 – 9. All registered attendees have access to watch sessions even after the conference ends. Each 90-minute session includes a 60-minute prerecorded keynote presentation, followed by a 20-minute IBSC Action Research Presentation. Since the presentations are prerecorded, the speakers can spend the entire 90-minute session answering your important questions in the attendee chat. You can also engage with other attendees through the same chat.

July 8
2:00 PM
July 8
5:00 PM
July 8
10:00 PM
July 8
11:00 PM
July 9
6:30 AM
July 9
9:00 AM

Where is this event located?
This conference takes place exclusively online so boys’ educators worldwide can safely engage with each other from the convenience of their computer.

How can I ask speakers questions during the event?
The prerecorded sessions allow speakers to spend the entire 90 minutes answering attendee questions. They will type quickly to respond to as many questions as possible during the live chat!

Will there be opportunities to communicate with the speakers after their specific sessions?
This depends on each individual speaker. For speakers who are willing to be contacted later will provide their email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

Can I communicate with other attendees?
Absolutely! Throughout the sessions an attendee chat runs simultaneously so you can connect with colleagues.

Will I have access to the sessions after the conference?
If you register before the conference starts, you get access to watch the recorded sessions at any point after the conference.

Is there an opportunity to sponsor/advertise within the conference?

What platform are you using to stream the event?
Matchbox Virtual Media proudly partnered with CE21 to stream this virtual conference for us.

Are there any browsers the platform does not support?
The quality will be a little funky on Internet Explorer 8. We highly recommend Chrome for the smoothest user experience on any website, but here’s a handy link to download Edge, which is Microsoft’s move away from IE:

More questions?
Contact and we’re happy to help you.