2022 IBSC Annual Conference2022 IBSC Annual Conference 

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, Texas, United States
June 26 - 29 

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Thank You for Joining Us!

Nearly three decades ago, IBSC embarked on a path to support, advance, and celebrate boys’ schools and those who work with boys. Since then, groups of educators, parents, and professionals have gathered in cities and at schools around the globe to share ideas, challenge conventions, and celebrate boyhood. In 2022, that path led to the city of Dallas and St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States), where, for the first time in nearly three years, we reunited to continue our journey.

Founded in 1906, St. Mark’s School of Texas is a diverse community of students and teachers who share a love of learning and strive for high achievement in every endeavor. Boys and adults alike arrive on campus each day imbued with gratitude for those who came before them and ready to demonstrate responsibility for those who will take on future leadership roles. In 2022, we engaged in conversations about character and leadership, diversity and inclusion, and stewardship and civic responsibility to chart a course to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.

For nearly two centuries, Dallas has stood at the crossroads of North America. What began as a humble trading post has blossomed into a center of technology and industry, arts and entertainment, and community and culture. While the name Dallas might conjure images of cowboys and cattle drives, there’s so much more to discover. Home to 1.3 million people, Dallas has grown beyond its Old West legacy and now looks to the future. Through infrastructure, innovation, and accessibility, the city has become a magnet for industry leaders like Texas Instruments, AT&T, Toyota, and American Airlines. 

No matter where you come from, our goal is the same: guiding boys along the path to manhood. Thank you for joining us to forge our next steps together.

The Path to Manhood