2022 IBSC Annual Conference2022 IBSC Annual Conference 

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, Texas, United States
June 26 - 29 

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Featured Sessions

Tuesday, June 28

3:00 PM


Fine Art: An Exploration of Form and Impact

Room: H. Ben Decherd Performance Hall
Discuss the value of a fine art education with a photographer. Experience the photographer’s progression from getting B's on weekly critiques to becoming one of the top 39 student photographers in the country. Fine art provides a unique medium to gain insight into pain, soul, and hope in our world. Hear how traveling across borders and continents, taking tens of thousands of photographs starting in middle school, the photographer began to grasp the intrinsic value of visual exploration. Storytelling is a powerful ability and fine art offers the perfect avenue to engage with it. 
Presenter: Ekansh Tambe ’22, St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States)

From Students to Servant Leaders

All educators aspire for their students to positively impact the communities around them. Explore how my education at St. Mark’s ultimately led to my return as a middle school teacher in Dallas Independent School District via Teach for America. Discover my journey and discuss definitions of servant leadership, strategies for developing servant leadership inside and outside the classroom, and what it means to create relationships of care with one’s communities. Whether Dallas or any other IBSC school’s community, our students can become powerful servant leaders of the next generation. 
Presenter: Jackson Cole ’16, St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States)

Planetarium: The Motions of the Heavens

Room: St. Mark’s Planetarium
Most people don’t observe the sky carefully. Astronomy teaches us how the apparent motions of the objects in the sky are caused by the actual motions of the Earth, moon, and planets. It is difficult to explain the actual motions to students who have not studied the apparent motions of objects in the sky. The planetarium demonstrates these daily, monthly, and yearly motions in the first step to understanding the relationship between what we observe in the sky and the true motions of objects in the solar system.
Presenter: Paul Hoehn, St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States)

Recognizing, Acknowledging, and Addressing Inequities in the Lives of Young Men of Color

Room: Morris G. Spencer Gymnasium
In June 2020, the IBSC board of trustees appointed a task force focused on Recognizing, Acknowledging, and Addressing Inequities in the Lives of Young Men of Color. This diverse global task force looked at ways to build antiracist schools that embrace all intersectionalities of each boy’s identity and create greater access and care for boys of color within member schools worldwide. Hear more about IBSC’s efforts on surveying member schools on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the 2021 Boys Global Forum, and thoughts for schools moving forward. 
Presenters: Jack Johnson Pannell, The Collegiate Schools Foundation; members of the Recognizing, Acknowledging, and Addressing Inequities in the Lives of Young Men of Color Task Force

Self-Care for Educators

Room: Science Lecture Hall
Teaching is hard. Teaching on empty is harder. Self-care involves replenishing resources, which promotes healthy physical and emotional well-being, and allows us to be our best selves in the classroom. Psychologists Gabby Reed and Mary Bonsu discuss the science of self-care and share evidence-based strategies to foster your coping skills and refill your reserves. 
Presenters: Gabby Reed and Mary Bonsu, St. Mark’s School of Texas (United States)