2022 IBSC Annual Conference2022 IBSC Annual Conference 

St. Mark’s School of Texas
Dallas, Texas, United States
June 26 - 29 

Download the conference program (2 MB).

Emergency Information

First Aid

Throughout the conference the St. Mark’s Clinic remains open with a school nurse on duty, located near the chapel in the Lower School building. Check the campus map at the back of the program or ask a St. Mark’s staff member for assistance. Please direct all health concerns to the St. Mark’s Clinic or Nurse Julie Doerge (+1-214-346-8219) immediately.

Lockdown/Campus Intruder

If an external threat to campus arises during the conference, the alarm will sound and loudspeakers will give voice instructions. Attendees will be instructed to move to indoor spaces, away from windows, and to turn off lights. A follow-up announcement will indicate when the threat has disappeared. St. Mark’s security officers and off-duty Dallas Police officers are on campus throughout the conference.


In the unlikely event of a fire, the alarm will sound. Attendees should exit all buildings and follow signs and guidance toward the stadium football field. Attendees should not re-enter any building on campus until officials have indicated the situation is safe. St. Mark’s faculty and staff will direct attendees toward the stadium football field.

Emergency Contact

Dial 911 for emergency services (police, fire, EMS). The school’s address is 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230.